I can barely walk but I can dance!

I have no idea why it works. I am very lucky and have been having private dancing lessons nearly every week for 2 years. I was hopeless to start with and VERY scared but now I can Waltz, Foxtrot, Rumba and I am learning to Tango. I will never be a serious threat to 'Strictly', but I can do it.

I cannot take the credit for this. I have been greatly inspired by Dr Tom, an American doctor with ataxia. He goes on a bit but is brilliant. His website is


You might have already heard about this but it really helps me , so this is for those who haven't.


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  • Lit

    That is absolutely fantastic. And what great physio. I dance around my flat (well, I call it dancing!) to Radio 2 everyday and I try and do daily exercise with my pedal exerciser and exercise ball. I am always first up on the dance floor at a disco but quite often end up kissing the floor!!

    Ballroom dancing has always been a favourite of mine. I went to Blackpool Tower Ballroom as a child which is a truly amazing building. And I absolutely adore Strictly!!! Are your lessons one-to-one? Is your teacher sympathetic and patient to your ataxia? What do you find the most difficult move to do? I think I would have the most difficulty with turning?

    I have heard of Tom Clouse before but will look at his website further.


  • I am like you ... I LOVE discos (I am that embarrassing one at weddings).

    My daughter Kate has got me into Strictly too. We bitch our way through every episode! Ian despairs at us.

    Yes it is a one-to-one lesson but our teacher is just a 'normal' dance instructor. It is good because she does not treat me any differently. I think it is probably easier as the girl because Ian can guide me back if I lose my balance. The most difficult moves are going backwards and one handed steps. They take me age to master but I get there in the end. Turning can be hard but you just try to remember feet first (I think). A lesson is an hour long and I am shattered afterwards.


  • Just thinking about it some more, your confidence must have soared through the roof. Incredible!


  • I had already read through this site Lit. I think the man is an inspiration and so must you be. I play dance and practice balancing with the grandkids. They think I'm hillarious. My oldest grandaughter said to me once when she was playing doctors, 'Take this tablet to help your balance and this one for your craziness'!

  • Lol! That is a lovely!

    I do not think my family would agree! I can be a real madam sometimes, they are very patient.

    Basically Dr Tom is right and it is exercise as much as you can and keep it all going for as long as you can.

  • Me and Alice go to the gym at least once a week, we are lucky in that we both work at a college that has just (2 or 3 years) had a multi-million pound gym built that we can use for a very cheap staff discount rate

  • Excellent! That sounds perfect!

  • Not quite as glam as dance lessons!

  • Lol ... but i bet you sweat more! I am afraid, I am more of a coward!

  • I do yoga but wud like t start other sports what would you say are the best apart from dancing lit!

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