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Where can l find an all terrain walker/ wheelchair

I love country walks. I am having to rely on a rollator or using a wheelchair as a walker to get about. I really miss my walks around the fields but can manage our gravel drive using my wheelchair for balance. The bigger wheels help. When I am less able I discovered this great wheelchair

I do want to stay on my feet as long as possible though, and I am looking for either a bigger wheeled walker/rollator or a wheelchair that I can walk with that will go in fields. I have been emailing Mountain Trike (who make the above wheelchair) and they suggested these shows. I had no idea that they existed, so I thought I would pass the information on.

At the end of this week in Loughborough

End of June in Telford (I hope to go!)

Hope it helps someone : )

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i had an alber adventure their made for all terrain. ill find the link for u. i dont have it anymore cos where i live i didnt really go off roading much so got the alber efix instead. the benefit of the alber adventure is that it is the only power chair to dismantle and will go in most cars. but there quite expensive


Thank you so much for the replies. They both look VERY good: )


These might be worth looking at

They are called Trionic rollators.

They have different models for different terrains


Thank you. Yes I had discovered them and they do look very good. On another forum someone did suggest adapting a Baby Jogger. They have much bigger wheels which I hope will cope with the grass : )


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