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Fur babies and snails trails

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I just wanted to say two things –

1. What a absolutely lovely bunch of people you are. Your antics, fur babies and positive, spiritual, technical, medical, kind advice, love and support here - (which you give freely and unselfishly to all) has literally saved my sanity, soul and self. So a very big thank you to you all(other sites can be cruel, mean and patronising - must be all their pharma sponsors and ulterior motives ) you should all be very proud of yourselves Very

2. Secondly, I had to rehome my house cat and was heartbroken...I’m sure contributing to my depression.. so I took all of your advices and adapted and accepted

This took the form of making a few garden snails into pets.

I expected to keep them for a few days, but then I discovered just how fun and relaxing they were to watch; with their own unique personalities and characters.

A lovely lady recommended (hidden?) that I distract my self with creative endeavour, so I have spent the last few days setting up a YouTube channel for them; and feel a lot better for doing so.

The analogy is not lost on me - snails are considered pests and revolt most people.(it’s how I feel about myself and my useless body most of the time) But I have found such comfort in them and their funny ways - slow, leggless and pointless - they have nevertheless delighted and surprised me at every turn

To my utmost delight; I found that they had laid eggs (I was at my lowest point at the time). I also asked you guys for some advice, and a rubbish day became a bearable one because you were all so kind, supportive and understanding to me.

So I wanted to give you and them my utmost thanks, love and respect; and not hide said love any more (for you guys and the snails).

Here is my snail family if u are interested


Distraction and unconditional love is indeed the keys to coping, in whatever form that takes✨♥️🐌♥️✨

Thank u and bless every dear heart here

22 Replies
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Ditto. 🤗💕 I live in Chicago. I LOVE Sephora. I don’t know if you have a Sephora so I’ll just explain,,I really enjoy finding “holy grail “ products. Sephora has everything from skincare to makeup. I get out just not by myself. My family is so supportive. They do everything complaining in jest. “MOM YOURRE SOO NEEDY.”””😂😂😂 I never feel like going out in the cold well I decided I’d turn my bathroom into a “Sephora “ I LOVE IT!! I have so many sample perfumes, I spray some, have music and I’m in my happy place. I literally read books next to the toilet on the bath mat. I look at my rock, shell and sea glass collections. All things I had in boxes in my house. Cost-0 Joy 💞priceless.

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Mermaidia11 in reply to Jessie70

Hi Jessie yes I love Sephora too! I went to the one in Canne back in the day... but now it’s all about the snails. Lipgloss and love is where it’s at!


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Jessie70 in reply to Mermaidia11

I’m on full disability as of Thanksgiving. I’m new here. I love your post! I know I sound all over.... I am. My results appointment is today 12:45 Rush University. I have ataxia. I accept that fact. I’m praying that my doctor doesn’t find the cause. I’ve been tested for everything since May. God, please don’t let it be genetic. 🙏🏼🤞

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Veteran250 in reply to Jessie70

Hi! Perhaps you could explain to this stupid old man.... what is Sephora, I’ve never heard of it! 🤨😘

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Veteran250 in reply to Veteran250

Jessie..... I may be an old man, but I so love the hair do in your profile photo! 😀😘

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Jessie70 in reply to Veteran250

“Holy grail” find of all time! Ouidad. It’s a special haircut for curly hair. Thank you!

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Jessie70 in reply to Veteran250

😂 Cosmetics, skincare etcetera. I think I follow you or you post often, either way you make me laugh. Loving the different vernaculars. I swear it took me a few tries... hoovering? When I said it out loud it hit me, (duh, the vacuum. ) I read the post out loud, “well I guess no more hoovering for me. “ 😳🤔 I said it with aBritish accent (nobody was home) Hoover=brand=vacuum. I know I’m a genius. 😂

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Litty in reply to Veteran250

me neither but sounds great x

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Mermaidia11 in reply to Jessie70

Oh chick, it’s hard isn’t it?

I’ve learnt the hard way but you can’t worry about what you can’t change or have no control over

So focus on your Sephora (Girlie goodies shop) bathroom, what will be will be

Take care and be good to yourself

Great hair indeed

Lots of love ✨♥️🐌♥️✨

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Jessie70 in reply to Mermaidia11

Thank you. I’m in my “Sephora “ now. My youngest goes back to school today. First day since Christmas break. I WANT COFFEE! I’ve got a little over an hour b/4 I can start my day. I’m considering a Keurig in here. I would do it too. Coffee maker in the bathroom? Why not? 😂 I have ataxia. I accept. Let it end with me is all I’m praying for right now. This means no cause. I don’t care. I just want to. Move forward.....stop sweating the “what if’s”.

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Jessie70 in reply to Mermaidia11

You’re video is not available to me. I’m in America. The pop up said something like not available in your country. I’m so distracted. Sorry.

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Sadly, clicking your link Mermaidia..... it said the video has content from Mayup, and is not available to view in the United Kingdom!

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What a lovely positive post! Thank you for sharing your ideas and snails!

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Thank you all so much for your kind comments.

Go with that bathroom gf – it sounds fabulous and the perfect peaceful panacea for all this bs.

What will be will be and, you will cope. What ever happens.

My snails attempted u tube, but I got accused of snail spamming by a vigilant administrator here,. because I posted on MSAA and multiple system atrophy as well (I have two 1/2 out of all 3, so follow and read all) ... I honestly didn’t and wasn’t spamming, I just wanted to spread a little happiness and introduce my consolation in tough times.

Anyway this is Roddy and Gretchen who honestly can’t keep away from each other.(hence the eggs) They are so in love and it’s adorable. Who’d have thought snails could have unique personalities and preferences and characters?!


They are more evolved than we know - (a bit like us really - we must be to put up with this utter bs lol)

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I think I’ve been blocked from posting photos or videos

Could I just be allowed to post one photo?!

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Veteran250 in reply to Mermaidia11

Mermaidia.... go to top right hand of screen, click to post, go to icon for camera, that should click into your photos(if you have allowed HU to access your photos) choose a photo, click on it, that will post the photo on quit support page, then write title, and any comment, then lock and post! 😀

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Veteran you’re a genius! But sadly it flashed up red to tell me I wasn’t allowed to?

Look some of the videos do work on tube - it’s worth a look because they are extraordinary, I think it’s under Mrs Snails The snail mama?!

Thank you and apols for inadvertently’snail spamming’

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Why did you have to rehome your cat

I remember as a child there was a hole in the back garden & slugs made it their home & one day a brown one was trying to slither down into the hole & struggled so my friend got an oak tree leaf, picked it up & put it in there

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Hi Mermaidia

I've just been watching your snail videos on YouTube.

They're really interesting. I think it's great that you've found an interest and I must confess that I've never paid snails much attention before, but they really are rather adorable! You've got a great set up, with how you've got their different sections.

I don't understand why your photos have been banned on this site - maybe it's because you say with Ataxia you can relate to the snails - I really don't know?

Keep the videos coming.

Sorry I forgot to like them - would you like me to?



Alison xx

Mermaidia11 profile image

Thanks so much Alison!

The analogy wasn’t lost on you either eh .

They are legless, have poor eyesight and the babies can barely balance their lifelong burdensome home!

Thank you so much for commenting so kindly, and for getting it. I love the fur babies here and was feelin a bit left out...

I had to re home my beloved house cat after a few unfortunate incidents with her littertray etc. I was/am too unbalanced and sick to cope with her anymore sadly.

To cheer ourselves up, my son and I watched “Turbo” the film (about an extraordinary snail) and it occurred to me to collect a few snails and race them. I couldn’t find any on my patio, (like any for weeks)so I had to ask my friend to gather a few for me.

I only expected to keep them for a few days because before then, I actually found snails and slugs to be rather repulsive. But then I noticed they all had distinctive personalities and seemed to know I was there, as well as seemingly loving music. Which I do, and the snails encourage me to listen more.

(The racing didn’t go too well , well because Gretchen is er totally in love with Roddy ie they were more interested in gettin it on)

But I found them so soothing to watch, as well as inspiring me with both they’re tenacity and perseverance.

And I eat more vegetables now, (because the snails love them, especially carrots)!and have something to love and nurture when my children are with my ex and my cat has gone to pastures new.

I was also indignant that a snail called Marcel had gone viral on the t’interweb....for eating a a bit of cucumber! By then, I’d realised that they much prefer cooked carrots for starters...

Then my gorgeous cousin had a baby and at Halloween I decided to move my witches cauldron planter and found Sophie and Finn hiding inside it the very same day- I was delighted!

And that was a feeling that I have not felt in a long time.(I named them after my cousins babies. My children named Eleven and Gretchen (after the eco warrior Thunberg)

Uncle Fester just seemed to suit that name, (he seems old, wise and benevolent) and er long story re Roddy..!

It’s a way of coping, distracting and not feeling entirely useless; and it’s working I think.

Well I posted on three forums here with the same video (I have MS, which caused cerebellum ataxia, and now may have parkinsonian multiple system atrophy zzz), which I should have lifted out of my album, not u tube. So they thought I was ‘spamming’

Is that tmi?! To be honest, for me it beats talkin about this bs Illness and the bs docs...

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ww-wibblywobbly in reply to Mermaidia11

Not tmi at all. I think it's really interesting.

Yes when I was searching for your videos the first one that came up was the snail eating the cucumber - but I was pretty sure that it wasn't you.

And yes it definitely does beat talking about our illness and drs etc

Mermaidia11 profile image


Ah thanks love

I happy to help anyone here; and use the snails to help myself now.

I find the whole subject and snail family fascinating and yes, the cucumber eating snail -meh ! (Mine much prefer cooked carrot)

And meh to ataxia as well lol

Keep watching and thank you so much for your support and kind comments.

As hobbies go, it’s turned out to be low maintenance and high happiness ... I’d recommend lol

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