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Medicinal herbs as cure?


Hi All,


Doesn’t it seem strange how we can be so technologically advanced as a culture yet so stressed out and unhealthy? Healthy lifestyle and diet are certainly a part of it, but we’ve felt for a while that there’s something miss And it turns out the answKer to the complex problem of modern health problems is something very simple… and we found out about it when we got a sneak preview of something that gave us a real “light bulb moment."

It’s a new documentary series called Remedy: Ancient Medicines For Modern Illness.

This hard-hitting and life-changing documentary reveals the most powerful herbal medicines known to man.

Over the centuries, humans have accumulated a huge amount of knowledge about thousands upon thousands of plants and herbs… and they depended on them for both food AND medicine.

Today we are only just beginning to discover how this herbal knowledge holds the key to everything, from never getting sick during flu season to having energy at the end of a long day to spend time with people you love most.

Medicinal herbs might even be the answer to the most serious illnesses that humanity now faces… cancer, heart disease, neurodegenerative disease, Lyme, and diabetes… and the list goes on.

Just ONE of the herbs that’s explored in the Remedy series has 16,339 peer-reviewed scientific papers about its dozen of health benefits.

Another one of the herbs is extremely promising for REVERSING multiple sclerosis! (MS is considered “incurable” according to mainstream medicine today.)

CLICK HERE to watch the trailer now.

That’s why we’re so excited to share this with you.

The series premieres September 5th and only runs for 2 weeks, so you want to make sure to Register Now.

This knowledge helped humanity survive and thrive in the most challenging conditions imaginable: drought, plague, and worse.

And it can help you with your challenges today.

For just a few short days, you can have full access to the world premiere… completely FREE.

This journey of rediscovery could transform your health – and the health of your loved ones.

CLICK HERE to register for this limited-time premier.

God bless,

Ty and Charlene

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honestly,,, man calls cetain plant remedies medicine now, and the scientific majority, have poo pooed other kinds of "healing powers", whether spiritual or so called miracle cures from plants

neta in reply to peterallison

Thanx 4 your thoughts. I happen to agree w u

I'd really like to watch this. I'm a firm believer in natural remedies. Also my body hates chemicals. I can't even take paracetamol anymore, as I have an allergy to it. Is this going to be on the internet?

could you just type the title as you can't linkify please

thanks very much

love Alison xx

neta in reply to wibblywobbly

Thanks 4 your thoughts. There was no special title. It comes from some newsletter I get. LN PS They write mostly about cancer which I don't have but if you want to get this free newsletter give a shout or google TY BOLINGER. GOOD LUCK LN

This reads just like an advertisement. I am sure the knowledge that will be given is positive but if given without motive, apart from trying to help, why not just pass that knowledge on with the generousity that others here show? Desperate people, myself included, will try anything. Give this without people revealing emails (assumption here) and their needs that make them suitable to be targeted by marketing? I look forward to your reply and hope I am wrong.

neta in reply to pinjem

Dear Pinjem,

I didn't quite understand every aspect of your email but I understand its gist. I too am a desperado. I received the email as par t of a newsletter which I usually ignore. But some people really believe this stuff as we have seen.Also I was curious if anyone felt better with medicinal herbs. Lark. Best, N

hi neta, I don't really want to subscribe to their newsletter, will you let us know if there's anything for us please when you have the details. Thanks xx

neta in reply to wibblywobbly

Their weekly newsletter is really 4 cancer patients so you r right not to receive it. But of course I will report any news. oxox N

The bible states "the earth is the Lord's and the Fullnest thererof", therefore there is definitely something for every type of illness. I have just started using cannabis oil, after 41 years of cerebellar ataxia unknown source I am able to walk without suddenly going into a wall or whatever!

I too have Idiopathic CA. Do you think it is worth a try? Did you get it on prescription? I wonder if it will help me write again. 🤭

neta in reply to ConfusedAtaxian

I don't know or have anything Its probably worth a try but its one of those things that my drs. laugh off. xxxN

My dear anything is worth a try - especially if it is natural. I can't deal with side effects as sometimes they are worse than the actual meds :(

neta in reply to Ackee

I have heard good things about cannabis oil. How does one get it??? I admire your faith but I think that sometimes humans have to invent medications. Salk? Sabin? Fleming//Chain. xxxN

holland and Barrett have a black ticket event - quick, rush down there, 60 capsules for 16.99 down from 34 pounds. You can also get it on ebay. Humans inventing meds? All meds derive from herbs

Got some! Only had first drops. Didn’t want capsules. If 5 mg works, I’ll be asking the doctor to prescribe the stronger one available only on prescription. Watch this space!

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