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another blanket


Dear all,

I love being positive and focussing on what I can do. I love crochetting and do it for my friends, they just need to provide the wool. I use crochetting as a therapy, it is very relaxing, keeps my fingers agile and helps my eye hand co-ordination. I had slightly slurred speech, and no longer have it very rarely choke and am able to do everything around the house. I was diagnosed in 2012 with SCA3 (Machado-Joseph disease) but have had symptoms from 2007. I am 65 and very greatful for waking up every morning, my family and friends. I suppose life is a little more difficult, but so far I was able to adapt. Here is a picture of the last project I have just completed.

Have a great weekend, keep positive and count your blessings


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Beautiful … I can see the cat appreciates it.

Thank you. The cat loved it slept on it all night.


Dear Isabel, I love your blanket, I have made so many attempts to crochet but just can’t do it. I returned to knitting this year and find it has the same benefits, my favourite is inartia knitting.

What a lovely job you have done!

Hi Isabel , that’s beautiful, and it’s great to hear how positive you are. Someone at the MS support group I go to is starting to teach me to crochet, I’m going to attempt to make a bag.

The idea is to keep your hands and therefore the brain active, don't worry if it is not perrfect

Really lovely, love the colours and pattern beautiful



Hello Isabel,

It's good to hear positive accounts regarding Ataxia conditions and the recommendations supporting them. I love the crocheted throw/bed cover, so individual and treasurable, we had one, given as a present many years ago we still have it somewhere, pretty and unique. Every bedroom should have one

So, so beautiful - well done x

Beautiful colour xx

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