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Nausea and Dizziness


I`d been feeling worse than usual at the start of the week - sick as a dog to be honest. The slightest movement would bring a horrible feeling of nausea which would aggravate the dizziness and loss of balance, and I was sweating like a leaking tap (faucet for our American friends).

On Tuesday I decided to ring my GP for a home visit - on arrival the GP asked questions covering everything, very thorough she was. After examining me I was informed that, because of the weakened state of my body I had most probably caught a virus - The GP then said she would make out a prescription and have my local pharmacy deliver the medication the same day.

It`s now Thursday and though I`m not 100% back to normal I do feel so much better - just one drawback, everything tastes of tin, even water :-O

I do love our NHS :-)

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Hi i know this may sound daft,but if you are a user of salt as i was stop all salt intake and sodium for a week and see how you go it works for me,after only two days my legs are much looser and last night i slept like a log i have late onset c/a and restless leg syndrome

bye and good luck


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I don`t use or add salt to anything when I`m cooking, with this memory I`m surprised I remember to eat - although at the moment I`m not eating much because of this ......................whatever it is I`ve got :-)

hi John-H

I find that we ataxians, take a long time to get over things....even a simple virus can knock us off-our-feet for a while and nothing seems to taste quite as it usually does,

I hurt my side after a fall and i'm only just beginning to taste coffee, after nearly 3 weeks.

it horrible when everything tastes of tin, I do hope that you get back your taste buds soon, and you start to feel better


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It is quite funny this tin taste - but, it has even made my lovely cup of tea in the morning taste of tin, weird or what?

HI JohnH

Sorry to hear that you have had a bad week. The symptoms you describe are like middle ear problems. I don't have any form of ataxia (my daughter has Friedreich's ataxia) but I have tinnitus and sometimes get episodes of vertigo which have the same effect as those you described.

Hope you are feeling stronger now and have a nice weekend.


in reply to dollydippy

I did have tests and all that jazz for the inner ear thingy to no avail. I think I`m just a medical nightmare :-O

Hi John-H!

I don't want to add to your concerns but, when I was pregnant with my daughter

all I could taste was tin.

Your pic made me smile!!

The heat and humidity have made this week difficult, it is really draining, you

could well do without a virus. A few weeks ago we had a nasty virus our side

of the Tyne, it was debilitating as well.

Do you feel dizzy/horrible when you turn your head in bed? It happens to me.

If this turns out not to be a virus, and the above occurs, you might consider

asking for a test for BPPV (a form of vertigo). In some cases therapy for

this can have good results, and basically consists of a certain manoeuvring

of the head to dislodge the crystals causing problems in the ears.

I hope your leak has been repaired!

Best wishes


in reply to wobblybee

I can remember going to a hospital in Sunderland some time ago for that `crystals` manoeuvring - it did not work and made me feel awful :-(

Those tablets the doctor prescribed seem to be helping but not much.

Add to my concerns about tin? Pregnant? Daughter? My dear wobblybee THAT did make laugh out loud :-)

As for the leak...............well, if I don`t move it doesn`t leak ;-)

Remember, a smile costs nothing...........................

Hope you're feeling a lot better soon John :)

in reply to Zhez

Thankyou :-)


Another `not so good day`.

This old body could do with a good M.O.T. to find out why it`s running so sluggishly.

Upset stomach as usual, headaches, dizziness, sweating. See the Doc` on Thursday - if I`m feeling up to it - hopefully she`ll change the meds I`m on for the stomach which are not working (and I thought they were)

With the memory not being so good these days, I write down everything that I have to do so I don`t `forget` - which in itself is hard work because of the finger`s not so good at their job - now my PC table has so many messages it looks like a news-reporters desk. But without the reminders I`d be lost.

A new record :-) 13 minutes to type this and to correct the errors :-O


Well, in the words of a well known song "I feel Good"!

No more upset stomach, eating and drinking normally again. The new tablets the Doc` gave me really did work after all :-)

Nothing tastes of tin anymore. Banana`s taste like banana`s, oranges taste like oranges and my cup of tea tastes great again.

Even my chicken pasta tasted lovely-jubbly :-)

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