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Dear all,

As you all I enjoy crochetting, it helps me with hand eye co-ordination. It has hjelped me keep my fine motor skills and has improved my handwring. It is also very relaxing and being in lockdown gives me something to do and enjoy. Here are my lates projects for my ganddaughter and a friends granddaughter in the UK.

Best wishes

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secon dress

The other dress for the princesses

You are so gifted. I like to cross stitch and knit. Your dresses are heirlooms and I hope they are kept for generations

I am unable to do cross stich, but would love too

Really beautiful work. A real talent, plus a therapeutic benefit.

🙂 Beautiful work, and a nice hobby,

My daughter gave me a crochet kit which was reasonably straightforward but taxed my patience..after much pulling out and restarting it finally got finished.

gorgeous, I have not mastered that, but will try it some day. Welldonebest wishes Isabel

🙂 The wool was tough to work with, and it took a 8mm crochet hook (the one provided in the kit was wooden, and had no grip). I reworked it a few times, I can’t tell you how pleased I was when it was finished 😉

Very nice dresses, well done. It is nice to have hobbies. I am trying to learn piano keyboard but forget the notes lol. I also like art watercolour painting and crafts, enjoy your hobbies.

Take care Suzie

Beautiful work, both of you and motivating!

Would you consider making something for me, obviously I would pay you for the work?

There is this amazing top that I would absolutely love to have, and I’ve tried starting it but I just don’t have the patience as it is very intricate.

send me a picture, I may not be able to do it if it is difficult, but would like to look at it and see if I can, then I will give it a try

best wishes


Noticed that touch typing improved short term my symptoms. I also knit every day which definitely improves hand eye coordination and reading patterns too help. Am thinking about getting a piano as this works right and left side of the brain independently.

Apart from these benefits nothing beats the feeling of creating something!

Happy crafting everyone 🙂

The dresses look lovely and I'm sure will be cherished x.

Inspiring too what you say about exercising fine motor skills helping your handwriting, mine wasn't much good before and when it deteriorated with my ataxia I was inclined to think well, that's another thing i can't do anymore.

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