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Muscle aches

Hi, over a week ago I woke up and all of my muscles hurt and my hips and legs were really stiff, it was like I had overdone it at the gym or something, but I hadn’t done anything different to normal. Things are still the same now and even little things like brushing my hair hurts my arms. I take gabapentin and naproxen, but they have Made no difference. I have been to see my doctor and he doesn’t know. Has anyone else had this and if so what have you used to help. TIA Heather

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Hi, Heather

Aww it's horrible isn't it. I am exactly the same. Getting out of bed is bad. I try and stretch out my calves b4 limping to bathroom. IT IS identical to feeling like u have done a heavy sess on weights!! Mid morning I do seem to loosen up.

I take baclofen gaba and 2 co codamol first thing cod liver oil b vit complex. I don't think any do me any good and my go knows nothing either... I tell him wat I have googled to prescribe it to me lol!! Best advice, keep your legs moving as much as poss, I don't suffer anything with hands arms or speech/ swallowing etc so can't comment on those parts.

Take care

Sue x


Hi, I had a similar situation recently. My problem seemed to be dehydration. Make an effort to drink a several glasses of water per day over a few days and see if that helps.

Hope this helps,


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Yes I have this too. My physio says it due to constant small movements of the muscle. I saw my G.P. this week who prescribed baclofen I am still waiting to see the effect & can increase the dose of needed.

Hope the pain improves for you Heather.



many thanks for replying, I wasn’t sure if it was just another symptom of ataxia or something else. I will go back to my doctor and ask him about baclofen and try drinking more water, I have never had this before and as horrible as it is, it’s nice to know that I am not the only one, thanks again



Hi, I have tight muscles but mine is dystonia. I am waiting for Botox injections which helps a lot. Do you have a neurologist you can ask about your muscles? Maybe it could be ataxia symptoms, not really sure. Hope you find out what is causing it.



I get Botox Injections on the NHS at Addenbrookes every 3 Months I have A Specialist in Sheffield


yes, i am under Prof Holden in London, but am not due to see him until aug so i might ring the hospital to see if there is an ataxia nurse there. I tried some very light exercises yesterday, just a couple while sitting down, and in the evening I could hardly walk, my legs were so painful and stiff. Each day I seem to get worse as the day goes on. When I see my doctor I will mention botox and see what he says. Thank you for your replies Heather x


when I lie in bed in one position for more than an hour (awake that is, lol), my calves start cramping like mad. it's painful, and if I don't move and stretch, it spreads all the way up the backs of my legs and into my nether regions. *sigh


I used to get cramps but started drinking tonic water before i went to bed and it made a huge difference. I got the results of my blood test today, and it turns out I have polymyalgia, which is the cause of the pain and stiffnes, so at least I now know x Heather


Hi my name is sue I have cerebellar ataxia Sca 1 I suffer from stiff joint it pure murder 1st thing in the morning trying to get out bed as now I pollyarthristis which makes it more painful.


Hi Sue, sorry you suffer the same sort of thing. I have been put on steroids and already the pain is much less after one day. It doesn't take it away completely but it does take the edge off it. Hope you can find something to help you.


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