Muscle cramps?

I get really bad cramps, usually in my feet, sometimes in my calves and also sometimes in my chest. They are really painful and seem to affect me more in the evenings. Does anyone else get these? Are they ataxia related? Are there any ways to lessen it?

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  • Oh yes! It is ataxia! I get it especially in my legs.

    When I had my annual check-up in London a couple of years ago, they tried to get me on Baclofen to help it. It really works for lots of folk but I felt dreadful on it. I did a bit of research to try and find a herbal alternative.

    You must be very careful that supplements do not mess up any other medication you are on. I found this good site to check things out on

    For the cramp I take organic turmeric. 1 X 400mg in the morning and 1 at night. If I am having trouble with cramp, I have another at lunchtime (not very often)

    I also take the equivalent of cod liver oil. For my particular type of ataxia (SCA1), it is better to take a vegetarian one.

    I take 1 in the morning and 1 at night.

    These definitely also help friends and relatives with bad arthritis too.

    Hope it helps : )

  • Thanks Litty, that's good to hear that that's normal! I also prefer to take herbal supplements rather than medicines-I already take Omega 3. The links are very helpful too-thank you.

  • I am learning so much on here. I get cramps. Not paricularly very painful, but I get a lot of them

  • HOPEFULLY it will work for the rest of you : ) It will be interesting to know

  • Hello AliceS

    I also get cramps and my legs and feet do their own thing. Nothing seems to work I have tried everything. I now give it time and my legs and feet work it out for themselves. However it is annoying. Hopefully Litty's cure will work for you.

    Take care


  • Hi all,

    I have had ataxia for 30+ years & muscle cramps particularly in my calves are something that drives me mad. they used to come on usually at night but now it can be anytime particularly when my legs get cold or if I sit in 1 position (likw on a ploane or in the cinema etc). I wear long socks to keep my calves warm which helps as does keep moving toes/feet/legs + in terms of medication I have tried loads but only ones that help are quinine & Ropinerole.

    Hope this is helpful. Unfortunately this is yet another things Ataxians havee to put up with!!

  • Thanks for your answers. I'm wondering as well if my new asthma inhaler has made things worse, as I've only been taking it for a few weeks and have had cramps most evenings since. I must tell the nurse.

    I've found that warmth seems to help too Glosman.


  • I have been having Acupuncture and my cramps have gone! Although I must tell you that my acupuncturist is an 80+ Chinese lady with years of experience and she has also helped ease the stiffness in my right leg and soreness in my hip!

  • I was diagnosed with ataxia 10 years ago and find that stretching my muscles EACH day helps my cramps. I do some yoga exercises, as well. I've also had full-body massages, which really help! I eat a banana each day for the potassium, as I've read that it is good for cramps. I agree with others who have said to tale fish oil caps and keep muscles warm. Check with your doctor before taking any supplements, especially if your on prescription meds. or any other supplements. My best to you..., ;o)

  • Hi I have cramps that i can feel all over my body - even in my back. They are particularly painful in my legs, feet and fingers; Definitely keep warm - they are much worse with the cold and stress is terrible for them. I find stretching every day makes a huge difference every day. I also take baclofene and I vary my dose between 2 and 4 tablets per day depending on the pain.

    It's just part of Ataxia that we have to put up with and learn how to deal with as best we can; Good luck

  • I hardly slept last night because of pain in my calves. Not a spasm, all over tingling pain.

    This morning it's stopped but my legs ache, leaning over is painful, crouching impossible!

    I tried flexing the muscles while still in bed, it did help but there was no lasting effect. I'm

    not on any medication for this, and I noticed it does come in cycles.

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