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Anybody experience muscle contractions on one side of their body more than the other side?

I often have contracted muscles as I'm sure many of you do too. But for the last month it is like there is a vertical line exactly down the middle of my body and the right hand side is so much more contracted than the left. The physiotherapist asked if i have been doing something different to cause this but i can't think of anything. Has anyone else had a similar experience. Before it was always my left leg that contracted more - but that has changed to the right hand side too. Another mystery????

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I do find my left side is a lot more ataxic (not sure that is a word?!)

I do find taking turmeric helps.I will not bore everyone with it again, so here is the post

Be careful you are not taking anything else too.

This is sort or relevant too

Anyway, hope it helps: )


thanks litty, I just read your turmeric advise. I do take baclofene and they definitely work for me, so don't think i will dare to try tumeric at the same time! Maybe i will try changing in the summer when my cramps seem to reduce?


Hi I have often felt these contractions, its a very weird and strange sensation....sometimes they come in pulses and other times the muscle feels as though its solid ( usually last for approx. 10 mins ), been experiencing mine for nearly 3 months, they can be frustrating.

I don't have a clue what they are but I'm going to see my neurologist on the 24th of this month, perhaps he can shed some light, I will gladly let you know my findings.

Helen :-)


Hi Helen, I have these contractions permanently, however they are a lot less painful due to the passive stretching i do with my physiotherapist. I was told by my neurologist that they are just part and parcel of having a neurological illness. I do take baclofene for them and it works for me, however they are not eliminated. I just kinda put up with it, as long as the pain isn't too bad. Good luck on the 24th and do let us know how you get on - you may have some different advice to share :)



My RHS side has continual cramps. Everything, calf, hamstring, glut, lower and upper back, shoulder and neck. LHS is fine. I take Baclofen. I also have tumeric regularly in food. What is going on here? Does it progress to both sides?


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