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Anyone need help with their benefit or tax or anything really to do with basic finance?


All free by the way, just the worker for 34 years, but I went through the whole benefit and appeal and I really don't want anyone of you to have to do that. Since not working I have been a bit lost anyway. I am the one on this site that sometimes throws myself out there, but this is real and I find that if I can help anyone it almost gives me more worth. Sad to say that tax and anything to do with the tax office I am good at.

I need a way to keep my brain active so you might actually help me to help you and all that.

One thing I have learnt though everything is if we post stuff and we interact then it sort of works. So post away on benefit and I will not post anything back that is not true,

Lets help each other.

Denise xx

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You are a kind soul Denise x

I am currently preparing a fluke for my son's PIP tribunal...

I also have a tax question so come back to you at some point.

DeniseLB in reply to Hidden

if I say so myself tax is something I am good at, my appeal was with the DWP over ESA but throw anything at me.

Hi Denise LG

I got my benefits , but only for so long , I am dreading when it comes around again , have I got to go through all that stress again ?



DeniseLB in reply to rickstar

the one thing I do know if you are cleared through ESA or similar with the DWP then nothing will ever change, the PIP is different and they will want to access you every few years, my next one is set for 2020. The reason for the difference is that PIP support you tax free and you can work or claim a pension and still get it. Having gone through what I did with the amount I already knew in advance I just want to help if I can,

Mermaidia11 in reply to DeniseLB

Omg Denise you are like a proverbial fairy godmother! Having massive probs with both, but don’t want to publish my tale of woe publicly?

Your advice would be Er live saving!

Anyone else find that things really stress you out, like to the max?

I never used to be like this... I used to be a lawyer, so if anyone needs any legal advice, I’m a bit rusty mind; but the spirit of our laws are apparently the same; cos things are fair still....not!

Anyway Denise I will work out how to PM you?

Seriously. Magic when I saw your post

Thank u, even for that moment!

DeniseLB in reply to Mermaidia11

thank you, I went through the ESA appeal and it was very hard and took five months to actually win a claim, you will probably understand this, the process is very similar to employment law and that was something that I was quite good at, The whole reason they stopped paying me anything was due to having their assessment and they kept coming up with locations that made it impossible for me to get to. I think the view that we should all take on this is they really don't want to pay any benefit to anyone. On the positive side though and it took a couple of months to sort out, if as I did you win your claim then I promise you they will leave you alone and never question you again.

Hi Denise

I would really appreciate ANY advice you can offer on PIP claim. I have been refused and am waiting for my tribunal date. It's taken a year to get to this stage. I have CA and mobility is my biggest let down, however on assessment I think they thought I was a marathon runner in real life!!!

They have all Neurologist letters and Physio reports and I have no idea what else I can give them.

Like I said, any feedback much appreciated.

Thank you, Nicola.

DeniseLB in reply to nicanna

I have just re read what you said, put in a total new claim get your GP to write a statement about your health, put everything on the line. As I mentioned before tell them you can not even travel, they will offer a taxi but then make sure that you tell them you can not travel on your own, Find your local MP by the way as I have used mine more than once. If after all this they then refuse you then I really will help as I do have all the contacts to the top. I even contacted the PM's office by the way! Don't give up, I did cry quite a few times when I went through my appeal but I promise you, you will win.

Tana0121 in reply to DeniseLB

Hi my partner has been refused on his pip review yet the reasons the awarded it in the first place are worse and never going to get better we are about to send off the tribunal form but want to check we’ve done it right any advice greatly appreciated x

DeniseLB in reply to Tana0121

Why don't you message me, it was quite a while ago that I put out that post! I can tell you more, but not on an open site.

Tana0121 in reply to DeniseLB

How do I do that plz sorry I’m new to this

DeniseLB in reply to Tana0121

You have messaged me and I am sitting here, oh did I not rant at the time and I would do it again! As I mentioned in my old post I did have my assessment over the phone this year and nothing has changed for me, they accepted that my condition has got worse as is the way with Ataxia so my next one now is in 2023! If you want to talk openly then I am okay with that.

Let me know.

Denise xx

ok firstly why did they turn you down for PIP? Apart from talking to a robot I did at least get the daily living allowance from them, Then I actually put in a new claim to get the mobility part, Were you very sarcastic during your interview, this stupid girl kept asking me about my hobbies! I so wanted to say that I was a marathon runner before, cake baker and actually I used to be pretty good at art. The point is I didn't, don't go to any future appointment on your own and just think of your worst day when you do go. I only get the basic for mobility and I am not sure if it is true but I was told to get the full mobility rate they expect that you cant walk at all. I appealed my first interview and got no where so why not try to put in a total new claim, they expect that you are disabled if your condition goes on longer than three months and to make a point you tell them that you are limited on how far you can travel or in my case I did tell them I could not travel at all and they paid for my taxi fares, as I mentioned before do not go on your own and show that you do need to rely on other people.

Let me know how you get on.

Denise xx

nicanna in reply to DeniseLB

Thanks for all of your info Denise. I really wanted to be sarcastic with them, but I resisted!! To be honest, as it's been so long now since my assessment, I don't think I really understood what was happening to me, never mind explain it!

I am more prepared now and am hoping for the best. When the day finally arrives! I will of course let you know.

Many thanks, Nicola.

DeniseLB in reply to nicanna

I really do understand, when they cut my ESA I had just had the first MRI on my brain and had just been recalled for another, no results and I was worried about that. This is the reason that I just want to offer any help I can give. It is hard to fight and when it is you that is dealing with it no one can really help as you feel that they cannot possibly understand. That is the reason that I posted my message as we are all one way or another are in the same boat and people on this site really do understand. Once I at least got some of the finance in place it at least gave me a chance to look at my health. I am still fighting by the way so watch this space.

I will be thinking about you.

Denise xx

nicanna in reply to DeniseLB

Thank you so much Denise. Good luck to you too! x

Hi @DeniseLB,

Thanks for your reply, I’m not going through an appeals process, although I am having difficulties that I guess I would prefer to discuss privately?

Many thanks for the reply and go girl! Respect x

Hi Denise,

Just having a rant, today I had my second PPI assessment since 2016, I have CA and was finally diagnosed, after years of symptons, in early 2016. My condition has got worse, I use a stick and can only drive locally (town 1 mile away). I feel tired and awful most days and really try to think and act positively. I can no longer work so I volunteer at my local Age UK centre, sitting on my bum getting on with paperwork. A little meet and greet, no phone work because I choke. I love the people I work with and it makes me feel like I have a purpose.

But, today I had an upgrade assessment with Capita, I could not believe the stupid questions, my neurologist has written and explained I find daily tasks difficult, my husband does everything. If they don,t believe a neurologist (in writing), and this condition is of course "invisable" what chance do we have. Apart from the slurred speech, when I am sitting down have my hair tidy with a bit of make up, I look the picture of health.

So here I am, two in the morning, stressed out and unable to sleep. I just can not believe the system is so illogical.

Thank god for the elderly, who still know what common sense is, and appreciate every bit of help and a few kind words.

Ali x

Oh No Ali!

Rant how dare you!

That was the DWP getting into my head, oh get them out quick!!!!!

Yes I know about the questions and I was so glad that someone filled them out for me as I wanted to say things like I am not a child and don’t you dare refer to me like that and I should let you know I worked really hard for many years and so on and so on.....................................................................................

My second PIP appointment went hand in hand with my ESA appeal as they had stopped my benefit, I couldn’t stop crying as I was finding it hard to find my own worth in this wonderful world. I am making a point here. It went in my favour, it was not an appeal as I had got nowhere with that, I originally just qualified for the basic living allowance when I realised myself that I had a condition that was never going to get better, I was never going on that round the world trip or trekking across the whole of the UK, as was on my bucket list by the way, then I was going to get every penny I could.

Are you just venting at the moment or can I offer some constructive help? My next PIP appointment is not up until 2020, but I am not going to cry at my next appointment I am just going to point out all those things that we once could take for granted and now are so beyond hard sometimes that why should we even try. We do though, don’t we?

You do a lot more than me; the only place close to me is an OAP place, but too far for me to walk so I have not even visited yet, got an open lunch date from the people that run it and I still intend to take them up on their generous offer.

I have a husband, but no idea where he is in the world and is better that it stays that way, but I do have a John, who had been my partner for around 14 years up to me coming down with this condition and then he decided that we should no longer be together. But, he stuck around and has helped enormously with everything.

I basically live on my own and I still try to do everything, normally involves an amount of falling over, far too much swearing and the odd breakage.

Anyway let me know how you get on or just want to chat.

Denise xx

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