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Anyone suffer with cold knees??


I have had ataxia for over 30 years & so have got used to managing all the problems it causes, however recently I have found that my knees are becoming very cold (actually feel freezing to touch) particularly at night & the only way to get warm is to sit next to the fire. Unfortunately when I think I am warm & leave the fire they get very cold again so I am back to square one!!

As this is causing sever broken sleeps + getting me down a bit as I don't know what I can do about i,t I just wondered if anyone has found this or anything similar?? More importantly I would be most grateful for any suggestions as to what I could try to help this.

Thanks in advance

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Mine is my hands, no one can believe how cold they feel even if the rest of me is fine. I have got some tablets from my GP to improve the circulation to them, which help a bit. Otherwise I just make sure I always have gloves with me for outside and indoors have to sit with a blanket over them. My legs do get cold too and I have the same problem with it keeping me awake. Get them warm and the rest of me is too hot - not sure of a cure, but at least you know you are not alone.

Thanks good to know that I'm not on my own

Hi glosman!

I had to resort to wearing thermal leggings and socks in bed.

Our sofas are awash with blankets and throws, roll on the

summer :-). xB

It is obviously a problem that we share - the joys of Ataxia!!

I get old knees too! Like ice !! I wear knee protectors or pads under my trousers and they help. Otherwise I'm afraid it's just your circulation gone move fast as much as you can ie shake your hands vigorously or whatever you can do.

standing up is best for circulation. 30 mins a day is a good amount. If you can do it yourself, that's great but there are standing frames out there for disabled peeps.

My granny used to say standing too close to the fire gave you chilblains :-)

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As a child standong too close to the fire would get me a scolding for blocking the heat. :-) :-)

My dad was a miner, we lived in a colliery house and it was common

practice to 'bank' the fire up. Shutting the damper and heaping coal

on the fire to keep it on a slow burn.

When we moved to a modern house, this practice was continued.

Unfortunately the modern chimney couldn't cope with this sort of

thing. My dad was on night shift, he banked the fire up and went

to bed, my mother, brother and I were out, and the chimney set on fire.

Luck was with us, neighbours woke my dad, the fire was put out,

but my mother gave him a right roasting :-) xB

Dear Glosman, Coldness is usually associated with lack of proper blood circulation. It best if you talk with your doctor, as it may or may not be related to your ataxia..., ;o)


I do wear thick woolen socks to keep my feet nice and warm. I also wear a T-Shirt & heavy jumper during the day with warm tracksuit bottoms. Lovely and warm :-) -;)

Snug as a bug in a rug, if you'll pardon the expression :) xB

Long thick socks all day and night. Lots of throws on the sofa. In the future could be thermal long johns:) Just keep warm

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