Amantadine anti viral used in parkinson´s

I visited my neurologist yesterday and although I think I am doing great, she prescribed 100mg once a day of amantadine (hope that is the name in english). As anyone been prescribed this? does anyone know how it is supposed to help. I have researched but the contraindications seem to be what I do not want as I have it already (dizzyness, nausea, slower movements) I think it is supposed to stop involuntary movements (like legs moving in bed), but I do not have that problem at all. Does anyone know anything that could help me to see the benefits? Thank you all, I am doing well still walking (wobbling) around unaided.

Best wishes


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  • Hi Isabel🙂 Amantadine can be prescribed to help alleviate various ataxia symptoms🙂

    You might find it helpful to look at Medications for Ataxia Symptoms on🙂


  • Thank you for the information, it was very helpful. I will try it then. Thank you again Beryl.

    best wishes


  • Hi :)

    I have SCA 7 and was very tired and slow and my doc neurologist gave me Amantadine. I felt more awake but more stressed and shaky. I tried for two weeks its nothing for me.

    But try it and take notes everyday and be sure to read sideeffects so u dont get addicted or get new problems.


  • You have to take for more than 2 weeks.

  • Its not a medicine you built up you feel it direct. But yes u have to find right dosis:)

  • Thank you, I will.

  • I am in the US. I was prescribed Amantadine for shaking. Did have insomnia but no more. I take 100 mg. twice a day. No more shaking.

  • Thank you for the advice

  • What was the tablets given for? I would question the side effects, but they maybe a muscle relaxant. Find out first or google them.


  • I am not sure what they prescribe them for. I do not have fatigue, insonia or restless legs. the side effects seem to be what I do not want, like dizzyness and nausea which I already have sometimes , so I do not want to take a tablet that as far as I know will give me that. So I am not going to take it before my neurologist gives me more information as I see no benefits.

  • Let me know how you get on!

  • I will, gp said I should fins out more before taking it, so I am

    and will let you know.

  • If medication glves additional complaints I don't take that medicine.

    My medical team is aware and humour me. I have had Ataxia for four years, l take the exercise, ride my bike (stationary) use my inhaler, record my BP , all of these things allow me to control stress levels.

    Four years ago I wondered how much time did I have. Today I worked on servicing garden equipment. I had forty winks and feel great.....anyone for a dance?

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