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Amantadine anti viral used in parkinson´s


I visited my neurologist yesterday and although I think I am doing great, she prescribed 100mg once a day of amantadine (hope that is the name in english). As anyone been prescribed this? does anyone know how it is supposed to help. I have researched but the contraindications seem to be what I do not want as I have it already (dizzyness, nausea, slower movements) I think it is supposed to stop involuntary movements (like legs moving in bed), but I do not have that problem at all. Does anyone know anything that could help me to see the benefits? Thank you all, I am doing well still walking (wobbling) around unaided.

Best wishes


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Hi Isabel🙂 Amantadine can be prescribed to help alleviate various ataxia symptoms🙂

You might find it helpful to look at Medications for Ataxia Symptoms on🙂


Thank you for the information, it was very helpful. I will try it then. Thank you again Beryl.

best wishes


Hi :)

I have SCA 7 and was very tired and slow and my doc neurologist gave me Amantadine. I felt more awake but more stressed and shaky. I tried for two weeks its nothing for me.

But try it and take notes everyday and be sure to read sideeffects so u dont get addicted or get new problems.


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You have to take for more than 2 weeks.

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Its not a medicine you built up you feel it direct. But yes u have to find right dosis:)

Thank you, I will.

I am in the US. I was prescribed Amantadine for shaking. Did have insomnia but no more. I take 100 mg. twice a day. No more shaking.

Thank you for the advice

What was the tablets given for? I would question the side effects, but they maybe a muscle relaxant. Find out first or google them.


I am not sure what they prescribe them for. I do not have fatigue, insonia or restless legs. the side effects seem to be what I do not want, like dizzyness and nausea which I already have sometimes , so I do not want to take a tablet that as far as I know will give me that. So I am not going to take it before my neurologist gives me more information as I see no benefits.

Let me know how you get on!

I will, gp said I should fins out more before taking it, so I am

and will let you know.

If medication glves additional complaints I don't take that medicine.

My medical team is aware and humour me. I have had Ataxia for four years, l take the exercise, ride my bike (stationary) use my inhaler, record my BP , all of these things allow me to control stress levels.

Four years ago I wondered how much time did I have. Today I worked on servicing garden equipment. I had forty winks and feel great.....anyone for a dance?

Dear Isabel, Two years ago, you posted about amantadine, Now I have been perscribed it. What has been your experience.xxN

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Dear Neta, at the time my neurologist prescribed it but before buying the prescription I asked this forum. My decision after that was not to take it, but I asked the homepath I consult who is also a medical general practitioner. He agreed with me that I should not take as he thought in my case I did not need it. I have been back to my neurologist who prescribed it and she did not even asked me how did I find it being on amantidine. I cannot give you any advise other than getting a second opinion from a doctor or n neurologist (my case a homeopath, to find out if in your case it is beneficial. I am very careful of taking medicines as I am coeliac and react badly to most of them. I hope I was of some help

best wishes


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Dear Isabel,

Thanx 4 your reply.So I understand that you never took it. Ive been taking it4 several months with no apparent side effects. MY neurologist says it doesnt help Parkinson patients but can help people whom have Parkinson-like issues---that is me. XXON

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