Broken femur

Broken femur

Hi everyone, I'm a 62 year old woman with SCA6. Although I had to retire from hairdressing, I feel I've been coping quite well. I walk with a stick. I find stress always makes me worse, so I've created a great bank of friends and of course my family. Monday 8th may, I was pushed over by a dog. I've had a traumatic experience as the ambulance took 2 hours, then they couldn't get a line in for pain relief. I was finally operated on Thursday. I was wondering if anyone else has had a broken leg and how they got back on their feet. I'm finding it very difficult and stressful trying to do what the professionals want, as I seem a lot more wobbly now!

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  • 🙂 I hope you recover well. I've had nasty falls but luckily no breakages. I recall reading someone's post about being supplied with crutches😳 and how awful it was trying get around😏 People I know have had broken arms, that must be challenging too😏but they did eventually heal ok🙂

    In my experience, a shock to the system will make ataxia symptoms appear more challenging. Be kind to yourself, time and patience will win the day😘xBeryl

  • Mine all started with a major Trauma (Beyond words)They gave me the wrong treatment (It was started by the wrong treatment!!)PTSD is an awful thing I don't have much of it now but the private hospital I was very luckily sent to saved my life (The second reaction to the drugs which they had no info about the first,or the epilepsy)It basically shuts down all the dopamine to your brain.I.E oxygen starvation without the private hospital or Kings I would not be hear now !!I just make the most of everyday they finally gave me the therapy I needed.So many females in the same situation in mental hospitals for a crime that others comit (You have to stick the person/people that rob you of your childhood in a box and not waste another breath on them!!They don't deserve it.However once you have a label that people in the public stick on your forehead and some Dr's who are not in the real world!!I have been tempted to hit the public at times(resisted!)You wouldn't hopefully dream of going up to someone with Cancer and telling them??I really at times dispair of today's society !You have to select your friends carefully and Dr's a friend with no trauma similar symptoms is being sent to the Bethlam for 3 months on crutches in a lot of pain and the treatment the rehab is chucking balls at his face so he catches them??I asked him how long he had to stay if it wasn't helping?Two weeks??A man with no mental illness?I said forget it(I would never get out!)And they have no right to keep you against your wishes your not mentally ill.11 years he has had this some kind of muscle waiting and major pain?At least I don't have that and I have done my rounds of hospitals been labelled with everything (It's now all scrapped!!They told me I was skitzoaffective disorder pumped me full of anti psychotics and anti convolsunts (I have PTSD yes and Clinical depression,Epilepsy and whatever they come up with !!Other than # Complex!!I tried orthopaedic insoles but after second reaction I had broken so many toes I could get no shoes on!!I have tried more shoes than I can count!!They offered me another Opp on my left calcanium but it would mean 9 weeks in Kings (Not gaurenteed to work!!)I am not going there or planning to go anywhere🤞I have used up every spare life I have I intend to live for the moment and enjoy the smallest of things!!❤️😊

  • Sorry about this recent event. The ambulance took TWO hours 2 come!!! How awful!!! Never had this but my father in law had a broken femur (no ataxia) and orthopedic shoes helped him. Good luck N

  • My first night/day home after this started on a summer Holliday last year is one I prefer to forget!!I fell off the sofa knew immediately I had done something pretty bad to my ankle it looked wrong made me want to puke and was twice the size!I called my Dad on my mobile phone they where upstairs!!They all tripped down!!Took a look picked me up I couldn't put it to the floor they packed it with ice..I was taken to A & E ..Wrongly diagnosed sent back on a zimmer with advice of ibropofen 😬I spent the Holliday washing from a bucket and catching a taxi with a zimmer to dinner..On the way home with my son 8 saying it was the worst Holliday ever!A phone call your ankle is broken you need to come in!!..

  • The NHS service is slow, but hopefully it gets there in the end. I hope you're coping ok now

  • My sentiments exactly Bella, I've not had you're problems, mine are epilepsy, diabetes, arthritis in both knees, deaf in both ears......all helps towards my balance I ignore the pain and get on with life.......and enjoy life while I can.


  • Sorry to hear about your accident. It must be very frustrating - my mum (with ataxia) broke her ankle over a year ago and the road to recovery was longer than for most but she's back on her feet, albeit more tentatively than before. Just push yourself when you can. You might feel wobbly now but there would have been a great deal of shock and adrenaline when it happened. You'll be alright - in time you can strengthen again with physio. All the best!

  • Thanks for your reply. I am feeling more positive now, it's definitely mind over matter

  • Broke my femur at 15.15, ambulance at 18.30, admittance at A&E after 5 hours waiting at 00.15. Pain killers at 2.00 am, nearly 11 hours later. Interns asked me questions to see how lucid I was. One question was when did WW2 end? To which I replied which theatre of war?

    NHS try to keep you waiting a max of 4 hours. and also the hospital were in special measures and in national news. They failed on waiting time. I was in continuous pain for 12 hours. Ambulance had a choice of two A&E, neither wanted me as no ward beds free. (another story)

    Operation at 10.30 am within 21 hours of break.

    after 6 months nearly back to normal, but with walker. One year later occasional twinge.

    Best advice came from professional coach, who recommended meaty diet and certain exercises. Physio-terrorists are who you will get. OT supply useful kit.

    Rehab is down to you. You will never be as good as before.


  • My name is Lorraine and 63, I have ataxia (unknown number) and severe rheumatoid arthris,i have just had a total knee replacement and because of the ataxia it will take much longer to heal, make sure your doctor or sergeon knows of your condition keep reminding it to them as they don't always read the notes,i fall more wobbly or unsteady now, your right stress of any kind sets my ataxia off, so keep your chin up and carry onx

  • Hi K, As with all breaks, you must take it slow and easy, if you try to rush things, you may have another fall, whether there is a dog around or you get and feel better soon.



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