Booked Myself A Holiday😀

Having promised myself I would go on a quiet holiday - just me, nobody else - when I left the Navy in '79. I never quite got round to doing it, something always happened which prevented or took me in a different direction in my life.

Now that I have this Ataxia, I decided before I lose all my control to do it.

A week long holiday in Kielder Reservoir holiday lodge😀 All on one level, fully fitted for the disabled, self catering😀

It's like taking my home with me.....

Restaurant is ten minutes from lodge & they do takeaways. Lodge is surrounded by fields/trees & all paths are flat no banks/hills for powerchair to climb😀

Brother will be taking me up and collecting after my week....

I'm so looking forward to it now that I have booked. Sitting on the porch listening to my music at night or just listening to the night sounds.....................bliss😉

Roll on June


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18 Replies

  • Hope you enjoy yourself

  • Have a wonderful time xxx

  • hope you have a lovely time

  • Have a peaceful time

  • Sounds like bliss! Have a fabulous time.

  • Hi john

    Something to really look forward to. Have a REALLY good time and don't forget to report back. Who knows, we may all join you one year---------that'. would spoil your peace and quiet

    Good luck. Ted

  • Enjoy your Holiday. All of us Ataxian's need something to look forward too, from time to time. This will be a well deserved retreat for you!☘️

  • Sounds lovely


  • Dear John, Good for you! Sounds wonderful, have a lovely time and let us know how it goes when you return home please..., ;o)

  • sounds perfect,enjoy

  • Sounds lovely xx

  • sounds wonderful. Enjoy xxxx

  • Have a wonderful time and as previous posters have said, please report back

    Love and light. Sarah-Jane

  • It sounds good as a disabled person myself there are just so many places i can't go

    And it is really annoying

  • Have a great holiday :)

  • WOW😜 Thanks for the nice comments everybody👏👏👏

    Funny saying you could join me one year, the Lodge I'm booked in can sleep up to seven at a push.

    I would have answered earlier but not been 100% myself. Feeling OK now🤗

    Got a home visit from a Consultant of Old Age Psychiatry next Tuesday, follow up on my memory checks - I do have to write everything down to remind me of things to do🙄

    Even making a cup of tea, I must stay in the kitchen or I'll forget what I was doing 😂😂😂

    I have notes all over the place reminding to do this and do that etc....

    If there is one thing I could change in my life, one thing I could go back and change in my life given the chance....🤔

    Having had the chance to be at my Father's side as he passed away.... but I was in the Navy a long way from home.

    But, hey-ho, life goes on &

    It's a funny old world👍🤗

    Right, time for a nice cup of tea☕️

  • 😊Roll on June😉 I'm recently back from holiday myself, first since 2010😏 A change of scene was wonderful😊xB

  • Awesome have a great time - goes without saying as you will anyways .. ;-)

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