I am sure that everyone of you will agree that everyone is entitled to a holiday.

I can hear a loud YES.

But I am NEVER entitled to a holiday.

You don't believe me - you think I am joking - No I am not joking!!!

I suffer from ataxia, it goes with me everywhere, it watches over me, it controls what I can eat, it commands my thoughts, it rules my days, it has power over my feelings, etc.

So I can never take a holiday from Ataxia.

Can you?


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  • I know what you mean but supposedly you have to force yourself; also force yourself to think about other things such as your family history.

  • i try and not let it rule me i did not SK FOR IT AS MANY OF US DID NOT BUT IT WILL NOT RULE ME

  • I also feel like what's the point sometimes. I used to go to the gy everyday thought I was so fit, had so much confidence. I have cellebelar ataxia. Now it has affected my left hip and leg as well as all the usual stuff. Needless to say I don't go to the gym everyday now. I was and still am really down about that. However it has made me look deeper inside myself and see take the time to actually see life instead of rushing through it,p although I have ataxia I am also lucky enough to have my life. Focus on that. If anyone wants to offer me a holiday I'd gladly take them up on it 😎😉

  • Mothers with young children never have a holiday either. They have to look after them 24/7. And old people never get a holiday from their old age difficulties either. They remember what life was like for them when they were still physically very able.

    One has to accept this different life and look at all the positives that are still there.

  • I have had ataxia for the last ten years. Yes it slows me down a bit. Yes it is always there but it does not control me or commands my thoughts. I will not let it. I am a human being and have a disability but It will not control my thoughts.

    As for real holidays I have several booked this year including a long haul to Australia. I will not let it get me down and neither should you.

  • I'm with jomo50 on this one. Ataxia doors not and will not get me down. As for holidays, Morocco this year and Mexico next year. Yes, there might be some difficulties but nothing is insurmountable and I plan to fully enjoy myself.

  • Good luck in Morocco. I recently had a fabulous time there, with wheelchair facilities at Marrakech airport excellent and fun. Hope you enjoy yourself.

  • Hi jojmo I love your attitude are you in a wheelchair? Do you feel it takes much much longer to recover from long haul flights


  • My mantra is "a woman (or man) is like a tea bag, as she (or he) never knows how strong she (or he) can be until she (or he) gets into hot water"...,ha! I repeat this to myself on a daily basis. Yes, ataxia is very frustrating and challenging, but I try not to let it take away my joy!

  • Hi Amynah,

    I understand exactly what you mean. I imagine a lot of people with ongoing conditions feel this way at times. I have announced this jokingly to my partner now and again with ' I can't be bothered being disabled today, I'm having a day off ' ! Yes a day 'off' would be lovely - I can imagine all the great activities I would cram into that special day ! : )

    I do get nights off when I am asleep ! I am also currently on holiday from a relapse - those can rob you of 2/3 months of being remotely functional and leave sudden trickier problems to be worked on/adapted around afterwards. So any time between relapses and early recovery is a gift ! : )

    Unfortunately, we have to work with and around our problems, as frustrating as it can be. Are you still able to do some things that you enjoy ? I am, with some forward planning, albeit for a shorter time with some adaptation and some accepted pain/fatigue payback afterwards. I still have a gentle dance to live music at my local pub now and again - in a safe corner and with my trusty stick for support : )

    What do you enjoy and how could you adapt around your problems to meet those wishes ? x

  • my answer is a big no, as ive got rhumatiod arthris as well as C.A

  • Thank you all who replied

  • It's good to have a sense of humour Amyna! 😀😀

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