Intrducing myself

Intrducing myself

Hi, My name is Luke and i am new to Ataxia uk. I was diagnosed with with FA when i was 9 , i am now 19 and want to now meet other people my age with the condition.  I like watching movies and listening to audio books  my favourites are The Hobbit and Harry Potter.  I also really like heroes like Flash and Arrow .  I have recently taken up Archery and i go to a club near my home in West Yorkshire. 

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  • Hi Luke, welcome 😊

    Obviously I'm not in your age group but I just wanted to welcome you 😊 xB

  • Hello Luke, Jonathan from Ataxia UK here, thanks so much for getting in touch. 

    Just to let you know that we have recently started work on a project called Ataxia: 16-30. The project is aimed at like-minded, young people living with ataxia, who are looking to chat, meet, engage and generally let off some steam. We have a private Facebook page for the community which is private, so anything said can only be seen by other members of the group. 

    Next week we will be launching our 16-30 website which will have a range of information, news and events, specific to young people up and down the country who are interested in becoming more engaged with one another as well as being able to take inspiration and advice from other members who have been through the same challenges. 

    At our annual conference last year we also had a break-out session for younger people like yourself to meet with one another. We'll be doing a similar thing this year at our annual conference, which will be held in early October in the East Midlands. 

    In the meantime if you wanted to drop an email, I can add you to the private Facebook group.

    I hope that's useful and best wishes,


  • Hey luke I'm Nikki I'm bit older than you (29) but I to have fa if u wanna chat feel free to message me x

  • hi Luke, mt son has CA he is 18 and has similar interests as you, I will tell him about you and hopefully you will find a way to contact each other. His name is Ross

  • Hello from the States, Luke,

    FYI -- if you're interested in engagine in online support from another country, you may want to check out the Friedreich's Ataxia website that we have,  Best of luck to you!

  • Hi Luke, Although I'm old enough to be your grandma (62), I wanted to welcome you to this site! My grandson (6) is named Luke also (just some trivia). Very nice picture of you. I'm sure you'll meet many others in your age group on here, that have some of the same interests as you...,that would be wonderful! My best to you.., ;o)

  • Hi Luke, both my sons have FA and my youngest son Oliver is 23 he'd like to chat with you, are you on Facebook?

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