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Change to PIP

As you are year DLA changes to PIP.

I was awarded the higher rate for mobility in the middle of 2009 for an indefinite period.I have a car from it to help me get around.

My next car is due in November this year.

My question/gripe is when everyone of working age has to go for a medical to see 'how' much you need DLA/PIP.

I went for a medical for ESA and the doctor I saw was Polish....been in the country 6 months,didn't have a clue about SCA and so only gave me 6 points.

I spent 10 months waiting for an a tribunal and took only 10 mins to be awarded 24 points.

I dont want to have to go through the traumatic and worrying experience again as I was stopped all my ESA payments in April and have had an appeal in with the DWP since january this year.

Am still waiting to get put in the support group where I should have been at first because I cant work.

I dont want the possibility of me having a car taken off me cos I dont achieve the necessary points that someone with no clue about SCA and how it affects me.

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I have to admit I'm quite worried about this too. I still work but the only reason I can do so is because I get DLA. That money pays my taxis to and from work xx


Hi Cally

Have you heard of the Access to Work scheme which is part of the JobCentre?



According to the info I have just read you can still work and claim PIP. Check this link:


It is quite worrying......think they dont understand how much people rely on DLA.

To possibly have someone with no knowledge of your condition have the power to take it away from you without so much as a second thought.


Interesting link to the PIP points system:


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