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Fed up we asked for a reconsideration on daily living only as had been awarded enhanced mobility. Only to receive letter today saying that still no daily allowance help and they have reconsidered the mobility component and reduced to standard gggrrr these people are a law unto themselves and have no idea the stress they cause. Had enough no more fight

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  • Hi rankin 1st. Please don't despair or give up, as my friend was turned down twice and he has at last got the full payment, which was mainly due to a very strong letter in support of his claim that was sent in by a very caring GP. Please ask your doctor, consultant, or any other professional body that you may be involved with, to support your claim with a letter explaining just how bad things are for you. You know what they say " You don't ask, then you don't get". It is worth a try as I am sure the powers that be, do not have a clue what you are going through and how stressful this situation can be. Please try again and "if at first you don't succeed" and all that. I wish you the very best of luck and be persistent at all costs. People on this site know exactly what you are going through, so check out the comments.

  • If you feel you are entitled then you must fight this decision, but you will need someone to help you fight it, don't do it alone it is soul destroying. Try your neuro nurse if you have one, or CBA, really anyone who deals with these issues. You can check what you might get my going through the online questionnaire here benefitsandwork.co.uk/

    The more people that give up the easier it will be for the government to claim success in knocking off people from PIP who shouldn't have it or need it. We need to keep fighting this corner so get some support and hang on in there.

  • Keep fighting them go to tribunal if needed

  • Don't give up.. I know it's a struggle and so frustrating.. Get help to fight.. Good luck xx

  • Thanks for the supporttive comments. Will fight another day

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