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shoulder an neck pain

i have pain in my neck which radiates into my shoulder + scapula(feels like something is sticking underneath), my arm and hand affecting all my fingers (thumb feels like ive hit it with an hammer index aching at knuckle joint rest pins n needles) .i have been diagnosed with bursitis an impingement ive had physio an eletro test for nerves etc but the doc does not kno what is the cause of the pains im getting ...ive have around 5 steroid an painkilling injections in a certain area of my neck c5,c6,c7 areas anyone else suffer from these symptoms or am i on my own ........steve

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Steve, that sounds excruitiating😳 I have arthritic pain, and muscle tension but nothing like you describe. Can your Neurologist shed light on this🤔



hi ive not seen a neurologist in yrs not since my last injection 2013 but my problems date back to 2007 i had whiplash from an accident (car hit me from bk) . ive only been referred to pain clinic an physio at the moment my left arm feels pretty useless at moment pain is doing my head in


My daughters car rolled 3 times, leaving her suspended upside down, she's also had long term pain. In her case, the most relief she's had is from a Chiropractor, apart from relying on painkillers. At one point there was the suggestion of attending a Pain Management Clinic. But the biggest problem is Post Traumatic Stress.

From what you say it seems as though attention has been thorough. But, if your pain is causing stress, that won't help in managing ataxia. Have a talk with your GP, hopefully it'll be productive 🙂

And, AtaxiaUK advise anyone diagnosed with ataxia should be reviewed at least yearly by their Neurologist 🙂xB


hi what i mean by its doing my head in is just the pain of it and as for saying my arm feels useless i mean i cant use without shocks of pain running down my arm an up my neck i have good days an bad days .for example i can say do a day of housework an not have any pain all day an the following day then bang its there for maybe the next 3/4 days....i have my partners help but she is limited to as she has fibromyalga an sjrogens syndrome

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I've had bursitis on both elbows - I put it down to using my arms so much to help mobilise via crutches or from just 'furniture surfing'.

I'm also having physio for tennis/golfer's elbow, because I'm gripping the crutches so hard, I'd just assumed that the pain was going to be there forever - but the physio gave me some incredibly simple exercises and things are much better now.


hi i kno how it feels to suffer with golfers elbow its a real horrid pain i ended up having surgery to sort it out it has helped but still get nagging pain when had a busy day for my shoulder yes physio helped but not much the consultant at the pain clinic was'nt happy that i had only been giving upto 6 sessions and only basic excercises she re-afurred me bk to physio had an extra 2wks it helped a little now im waiting for a hospital appointment to see what needs to be done hopefully no surgery is needed but its agony at moment..

hope things get better for you



Hi Steve

I'm sorry to hear this however you're not on your own. I also have these symptoms, hospitalised recently with horrendous pain. I have neurophysio and different neuro pain relief but nothing seems to stop it or slow it down.

I just thought you'd appreciate a message from a fellow sufferer.

Take care of your self.

Lis xx

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ty you take care

steve x


ive been having bad coccyx pain over past few wks i saw a doc yesterday gave me a good check over including my other problems i have. she mentioned a bone blood test she said id not had 1 done before nothing else was said about it was not told to book 1 ....about 5pm i had a phone call from doc reception asking me to make appointment for this blood test does anyone kno what a bone blood test is for what are they looking for etc


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