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Does anyone use an iPad?

I was at a Branch meeting yesterday in Glasgow and one of the members whose speech is very slurred has been lent an iPad from the speech and language department to help with his communication. There is a free app called 'Speak It' where you type in what you want to say and then the iPad repeats it out loud. He is finding it helpful.

Although my speech is OK at the moment I use an iPad for other things. I find the touch screen easy to use-I particularly like the keys change colour momentarily when you have pressed a letter. I also really enjoy reading books on it. I can change the size of the print and can alter the brightness of the backlight. It is also easy to turn the pages. I have never used a kindle so I can't compare it to that.

I use my iPad for many other things-watching tv, e-mail, surfing the Internet, Health Unlocked, looking at photos, listening to music, playing games, reading newspapers, keeping up witn bbc news, creating documents to name but a few! I could waffle on for hours about how much I love it! I just wondered if anyone else uses one?

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thinking of getting my son (14) an i pad, he has cerrabella ataxia. Speech and language told us about the app. his speech is variable depending on his level of fatigue.


I have been tempted by the iPad, because both my children have them, and LOVE them.

I LOVE my MacBook Pro which I got from the disability folk when I did my Art course, many years ago. Personally, I am much better with it because I have a nasty habit of dropping things (like phones) and so the weight is quite good.

On LWA, Kati absolutely raves about anything Mac. She is a true expert , on most things technological, and always very happy to give advice. She is deaf and so knows quite a bit about speech apps. She posted this which might be useful if someone is thinking of getting an iPad.



Hrllo HarryB

I use an ipad and wouldn't cope without it, I love it. I have a speech aid installed on it, it is 'verbally'' and it is exceptional.

Take care



Hi Fifa

That is so good to hear. I haven't heard anyone who has an iPad, ataxia or not, to be any less than delighted with it. I truly wouldn't be without mine.



Hi Harriet,

I went to the Naidex at the NEC a few months ago, came across a similar product which I was really impressed with called 'Grid Player' as my speech is getting quite bad now. You can download the App to any apple device. So I purchased an Ipod Touch which fits in your pocket and downloaded the App. The product is excellent and I am thinking of now buying the software from this company as you can customise your own Phrases/Grid etc... Well worth a look if you have an Ipod touch/Iphone/Ipad.




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