Heat control

Heat control - is it ataxia?

Just wondering if anyone else having trouble getting very hot?

It started with a bug and I kept getting hot and feeling sick about a month ago. But it has not really gone. I do not feel as sick but definitely feeling very hot.

I had a hysterectomy many years ago and have been on HRT ever since so I do not think it is menopause. I am in my early 50s.

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  • Lol ... so good to know I am not alone!

    Flies and moths drive me mad too and I have a can of Raid Fly & Wasp killer and spray them at bedtime. The smell does not hang around too much after.

  • Litty ~ I hate the heat!!😲I live in Australia and now I'm Always in the shade 😂I used to love the heat, hmm... Visiting my father, was a joke, he air conditioned the house in his later years (we used to call it the morgue ~ it was soo cold) Cold fridge water does work, to cool you down, from the inside out. YES I think it is to do with Ataxia 😩 (hey love how you both hate insects in your house ~ me too!!) 💞

  • This heat must be ataxia. I have it too and have the icy feet like several other people on this forum have written.

  • me too, meaning 50's and hysterectomy, mine was 3 years ago so it's nothing to do with that now. I just think and if I can get gp to confirm that it just has an effect on the whole body. Oh I am 52 now. I think we just have to keep asking questions and maybe there might end up with some funding that might help us. Any more info I do get I will let you know as I am not done asking the questions.

  • I get very hot especially in bed. I am 59, diagnosed about 30 yrs ago


  • Forgot to mention I live in Spain, like Joolzzz living in Australia, I used to love the heat but now can't take it. My husband does'nt like air-con so we have windows& doors open, windows have mosi-screens & we have anti-mosi plug ins everywhere.


  • I can't say that I ever liked the heat or extreme cold... before or after ataxia. The air con is great. i, too, hate bugs. Bird indoors (it has happened!) too. In Health to all N

  • I used to suffer from heat, and sweating in bed but I recently bought a cool sheet which goes under the fitted sheet above the mattress, and also a smaller one which goes inside the pillowcase. If it's not a warm night I turn the pillow over so the cool sheet, or cool pad, is on the underside.

    These really do work very well. Search Amazon for 'cool sheets'.

    I also found what they call cool scarves or ice scarves. These are really bandanas. You soak them in water to let the cooling gel granules soak in the water, dry it off, and then wear around the neck. They actually look quite good, even on guys... Search Amazon for 'cool scarf' or 'cool scarves'.

    These may be available elsewhere, it is just that I found them on Amazon.

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