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Quantum therapy for SCA

Today is the third day for using quantum therapy,

Three day ago , my foot standing on the ground seems on the cloud, but three day later I can feel the actual ground floor is hard, slept or uneven footprints.

Thanks to new quantum therapy of Chinese doctors, no need take any drugs or medicine, only laying on the bed with quantum modules release bed, is not the far infrared nor heat carpet, but is it warm enough.

Since the first day is just laying 30 minutes at the end of five minutes. I feel very hot. With so many sweat release from my back side near the shoulder. The doctor said the good to release though toxic sweat.

And going on tomorrow therapy...

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Today is the fourth day of treatment. I went to the McDonald's restaurant this morning to pick up the tray! No help from the staff.

Try to stepping down the stairs straightly

today. Success and easy to do it


Today is the fifth day of therapy, my sense is stronger than before. My speaking can be easy going. No more err....

Today I have to buy a 8kg rice from the supermarket. And so easy take to back to home walking around 200 meter.

before can’t doing that. Even holding a stick also have the balance problem.


Today is the sixth day treatment.

I feel every thing is smoothing going.

The Chinese doctor said now I have 50% recovery, I also think so, my speaking intonation is so clear comparing to six day before, so noise and unclear speech.

My body of sense is coming back, now I will try to repair the IPhone 5s by myself , the touch screen have INT( something out of order ) since I can’t holding a screwdriver to do any precision work, THANKS TO CHINESE DOCTOR no need the take any drug , for six day therapy now I can hold the screw with precision work load.

Tomorrow is holiday , Monday will be continue.


Wich doctor is that and wherefor you use it?


Chinese doctor he don’t need use drugs or medicine, just use the quantum carpet and quantum low frequency pulse generator.

Now on this world only Hk Chinese doctor can treat sca patients with high yield for successful remedy rate.


Chinese doctor with one scientist devolving this technique to remedy any patient due to accidents or genetic variation cause this f dead brains cells can be relive.


conclusion of this first six days therapy, now even very tired, I can walking in a straight line.


Today is the seventh day treatment

Everything going to be smooth. But one thing need to notice that starting from 18:00 the brain felt very heavy. So tomorrow need continued to clinic therapy.


Today is eighth day of treatment


Today I can very easily walking down the slop with easily going fast with control speed. Some day before walking down the slop with uncontrolled speed, causing me afraid of walking, but now can. Thank very much to Chinese doctor.


That day Wednesday, 12 April 2018,

Walking better than ever. Since the equilibrium balancing is coming back.

May be next few week I can running in a track.


Ive never heard of quantum therapy. What is it ane what is it supposed to ? Where do you get it?


This is the new technology, being the developing stage. But I felt that is very helpful for SCA patient!


where can u get this


In Hong Kong only


Where are you live, can arrange you to Hong Kong for treatment.


After read here about Quantum, we did some research and I found 2 American who are performing the therapy here in São Paulo/Brazil.

One of them also, offer 1 session therapy.

We will try and post later.

I have twin sisters with FA


3 weeks later everything seems changing alot, my head skin feeling is coming back


Last week a mirror accident taken, a newer to be doctor help me to remedy, but his hand so green can’t help me as a result locking my brains cell linkages tightly, let me flown down on the floor and can’t walking straight, but the Doctor using two day to release my tightening brains cell ,

So at this moment, I felt better than last week times,

Eye movements is better than before a quicker the reaction time. The movement of the eye range is better than before especially the right eye movements is easy than not so tight.

Now I can standing by myself no need using a stick for supporting my body.

My voice is clear than before. No more errr....

The iPhone dictation is better than before.


Since iPhone have dictation service but we must speaking right the pronunciation with intonation, is this two day iPhone recognised my voice better than before.


At 26th of April 2018 is the Mose worst day. Before treatment my body out of balance, m brains is wobble , unsteady movement from side to side.

But after treatment and take a rest for whole nights, today Friday everything are steady, standing walking speaking is around 75% recovery


Today is 7th may 2018, last week the doctor using my stem cell from the verbetra, spine pushing the stem cell fulfill to the Cerebellum, this two day even my balance have a little bit out of control, but can be well controlled afterwards.

Most important change, yesterday is Sunday and I am going outside for more than 13 hours , just walking and sightseeing. Before only can walk few hours less must be take a rest. This is the big difference.


Today is 14-05-2018 Monday, is the I can down the stairs one by one downstairs.


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