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Hi, you may remember I posted sometime ago that I am trying to get back to work but part time and with what I believe to be reasonable adjustments. To cut a very long story short, my occupational therapy report came through finally yesterday. I was asked to get a further sick note to cover week ending 22nd August (tomorrow). My GP is reluctant to give me a further note as per my works request until next Thursday because he has no idea what work have in mind for me (neither do I). I asked for them to back pay my 2015 holidays rather than a note which they have completely ignored and are insisting on a note. I emailed HR back saying I would call my GP and go through the OH report with him but my work have emailed back and said that I am not in a position to discuss this with my GP until we have a face to face meeting to discuss the form. Is this correct?

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  • Hi there. I was working for a disabled charity for 13 years and after some absences due to Ataxia, I was sacked as they wouldn't make any more reasonable adjustments. I'm now on permanent sick/retired and have to get a certificate from my G.P every 3 months to send to DWP. It's a pain as nothing will change but that's the system. Good luck with job hunting. X

    Make sure you take a colleague with you every time when dealing with HR, they're very sneaky. Mine went against all policy and procedure and still got away with it. But I won in the end. Don't let them bully you. Good luck

  • Thank you... to be honest they are running rings around me, winding me up, losing sleep with it and generally feeling in a grumpy mood all the time. At first they didn't want to know about a report from my GP as thats not how they work, now they want a report and are insisting on yet another sick note. I really lost my temper in the last meeting as i don't want to be classed as sick my partner made them compromise that this time i can ask for a fit for work note with the following reccomendations from their OH. We think they are just dotting the i's and crossing the t's so to speak. I have considered saying stuff your job, it's not worth it, but this is the rest of my life they are turning upside down. I may go down, but not without a fight

  • Don't give in. I fought them through a union and won. Have a look at their capability policies, they have to give you a copy if you request one and make sure they follow every step. If they'd don't then you can fight it.

    Have you requested reasonable adjustments in writing? Keep copies of everything . If they're asking for reports then let them follow it up. They have to prove capability. NOT YOU!!!!

    Companies don't want to be dragged through courts etc. Don't stress and use the DDA as you have so many rights.

    Look on the website if in U.K under equalities etc. That gives you power as you know your rights and remember to record everything and always take someone with you.

    Good luck x

  • I had no idea about the capability policy so thank you, i'll ask them. I did request reasonable adjustments in writing of which i have a copy. (i actually never thought to copy it and actually had to demand a copy of it and my remaining holidays from last year and this year under the employee rights act as they kept ignoring my request for these). Can i ask what the DDA is please? and thank you for your advice x

  • The DDA is the Disability Discrimination Act . Are you registered as disabled?

    Do you claim DLA as you're entitled to it even if you work. Are you in the UK?

  • Thanks, not registered as i didn't think you needed to be. I get PIP , high rate for mobility and low for daily living and yes UK. capability form requested x

  • Register with your local social services and you'll get an orange card. You can then claim VAT back on certain items and you'll be covered by the DDA. Request all policies relating to absence management and make sure they follow the correct procedure

    Any more help please ask. I'm good with this sort of thing x

  • Not good, just brilliant thank you x ... just emailed HR for the capability policy only to find out she's off until September 16th!. Everything i have brought i have just signed the VAT exempt form, no one has asked for a card but i will register anyway. Again, many thanks x

  • No problem anything I can do to help x

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