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Coughing and ataxia

Someone wrote about coughing - I just can't remember who, so am starting this post.

I too get coughs and luckily the coughing bout started when I was with the Speech and Language therapist.

She noticed that my swallowing was not proper. She wants me to do Videofluoroscopy. After this she can give me exercises to be able to eat and talk better

A videofluoroscopy, or modified barium swallow, is one of the most effective ways of assessing your swallowing ability and finding exactly where the problem is.

An X-ray machine records a continuous moving X-ray on to video, allowing your swallowing problems to be studied in detail.

You'll be asked to swallow different types of food and drink of different consistencies, mixed with a non-toxic liquid called barium that shows up on X-rays.

A videofluoroscopy usually takes about 30 minutes. You may feel sick after the test, and the barium may cause constipation. Your stools may also be white for a few days as the barium passes through your system.

I hope this helps.

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i have had this done when i had my stroke i eventually could eat but have scince gone back to soft food diet and thickner in drinks


Hi Amynah😊

Scroll to the top of this page and look to the right, there's a box 'Search AtaxiaUK'.

Put in your query 'coughing' and click return on your keyboard. All associated posts will show, scroll through them 😊xB


Dear Amynah, I have bouts of coughing which has been going on for a few years, so I appreciate your information, thank you..., ;o)


I too have bouts of coughing and often choke when eating or drinking. Last time I saw a specialist (not neuro) I kept coughing throughout my appt. So he pocked a stick to the back of my throat to see if my reflex still works. It does so nothing doing about that yet. But I'm grateful that my swallowing reflex works 90!% of the time.

it is handy when these things happen during an app tho 😊


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