Cerebellar Ataxia SCA3 (Machado-joseph)

HI ALL, I have just been to the neurologist and she was amazed. I have done 16 sessions of physiotherapy and I have came down on the ataxia assessment scale. In May I rated 13 and after the physiotherapy, today I rated 6. The exercise has worked for me. Please move and strengthen whatever muscles you can.

Best Wishes


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  • Hi Isabel

    That is great to hear. I exercise regularly (I have idiopathic CA) and feel it has helped me enormously. I feel much stronger and have my neck/shoulder/hip pain has greatly reduced. And the fact it has helped me lose about 1 3/4 stones is just a bonus!

    Long may it continue!

    Best wishes


  • I recently went to a physiotherapist and had just one session of exercise. It has helped me enormously. I certainly advocate exercise.

  • This is wonderful news! All the best for the future.

    My husband has started he's physio last week at home and they have also got him in the gym for group sessions twice a week.

    Fingers crossed this also helps him X

  • Nice Isabel , keep it up

  • yes I find exercise really helps but its hard to maintain as this condition makes you so exhausted but I do find if I have an exercise class I can do far more the next day as far as walking goes.so keep up the good work although sometimes it is a terrible effort ! all the best Sylviax

  • I've got SCA 7, am blind and in a wheelchair and have had ataxia for many years. I have always found exercise very beneficial and even though I'm now restricted to 3 machines at the gym, I would recommend the benefits of regular exercise. I find aqua aerobics very useful too. In the water, ther's no issue about walking.

  • Well done! that's prompted me to start again, I use those rubber exercise bands (you can get them off ebay) while sitting on the floor - I believe they're called 'Frenkel exercises'.

  • Carry on an strengthen any muscle you can

  • Congratulations Isabel that's great news! Do you think that all the exercises you do are equally useful? I try to exercise different muscles but so far I have found that the most useful ones are those that strengthen your legs and lower back. Once your legs feel really strong then it's easier to start movement exercises.

  • Yes the legs and the waist seems to be more important, but at physiotherapy they do all my joints (shoulders, wrists, hip, knees and ankles) and I walk between the bars lifting my knees forward as I walk and also kicking back and heel to toe. Keeping the legs strong also helps and I pedal my mini bike.

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