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Eye sight problems with ataxia


Recently I have experienced blurred and double vision

Does anyone else have this problem and if so do eye exercises

Hep or if not what doed

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hi yes I get blurred vision some times and double but I don't really know how to do anything about it it is not very frequent in myself only occasional maybe some one else can respond with Moore information or maybe your specialists that all the advice I can offer take care my friend

Hi ted i play games on my tablet pet rescue suger crush. I find this has helped in a big way with eye and hand ccoordination.im a young 65 hope this help good look.

Hi Ted 😊

I've had double vision for over 15 yrs. Also nystagmus.

In my experience neither symptom does anything to help balance problems😏

I had a Botox injection into the muscle of my worst affected eye. This can be very helpful, it was done by an Opthalmic Surgeon. But the eye in question had always suffered from astigmatism and unfortunately the condition was too severe to benefit.

After that I was offered surgery, to try and realign the lazy eye. This was more successful :-) Although I do still wear a partial acclusal contact lens in my left eye to block light and cut out what remains of the double vision. My glasses have a prism for the same reason. These work fine as long as you remember to look straight ahead :-)

Glancing from side to side while walking, is a recipe for disaster :-) xB

berejena in reply to wobblybee

Hi Wobblybee just a question 'do you work on reception at Newcastle Ataxia Clinic?'



wobblybee in reply to berejena

Hi Berejena :-)

No. I'm a volunteer at the monthly Ataxia Clinic there :-)

D'you think we might have met? I don't wear the red wig,

my own hair has grown back :-) xB

berejena in reply to wobblybee

Hi wobblybee, thanks for prompt reply. I don't attend Ataxia Clinic monthly (in Midlands) but I've attended 4 times & my next Appt. is in January. I just thought Id'e seen you there.

Take care

Berejena x

I suffer with Nystagmus which is jerky eye movements. I do have blurred and double vision but have glasses for watching tv and separate more powerful lenses for reading. It does seem worse when I'm tired. I close one eye and can focus better with the other. Maybe this is a trait with Nystagmus? I play solitaire etc on the tablet, which helps with coordination but eye strain may be an issue?

Dear Tedjohnson, I had very blurry, but not double vision, especially in my left eye. I went to an opthomologist, who told me to use perservative free lubricant eye drops in both eyes 6 times a day (two drops in each eye), which has helped. The opthomologist said due to ataxia, I wasn't blinking as often as I should and therefore my eyes where dry, hence the blurry vision. I use over the counter reading glasses for reading (especially small print) and when I'm on my lap-top. Like others, I have more blurriness when I'm tired. I do have nystagmus. My best to you...,;o)

Hello Ted Johnson , I have SCA , I also have a detached retina in one eye so my vision isn't very good but I have been getting blurred vision lately and also I find it hard to get my eyes to look at one thing . I don't feel them moving from side to side but its just like i'm not looking at what I want to look at , every now and then I get a tremor in my sight . I must admit I haven't tried exercises so I can't say if they help , i'm waiting to go to the eye people at the hospital but that's taking ages ! Good luck to you x m

Did u do any thing about it

Hi, I have ataxia and wear contact lenses and have double vision that has got slightly worse and I now wear glasses over my contact lenses with 'prisms' and this corrects it - not sure about eye exercises to help - would be great if there are.

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