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Hi everyone

I need some advise !   I have just been back to the optician for the second time after one main test and then a second check two weeks later but the new glasses are still not right. They want me to have yet another test next week but I am wondering whether the problem is my Ataxia. (The optician said he knows all about Ataxia) I have got eye movement ( nystagmus) but I would have thought he would have known all about it.  Has anyone else got problems with their sight and if so are glasses a problem

Best wishes. Ted

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  • Hi Ted😊

    I had a similar experience with an optician.  In my case, although he thought he could solve the problem, he didn't actually know enough about 'fine tuning'😏  I had double vision and nystagmus.

    In frustration I went for another opinion.  The second optician refused to issue a prescription and asked if I would like to be referred to an Eye Clinic.

    Thanks to her, I've had thorough testing and been reviewed by a Consultant Eye Surgeon at my local hospital Eye Department.

    If you have doubts ask to be referred.  I know that these clinics deal with this sort of thing on a regular basis 😊xB

  • Hi ted I was issued glasses and found them to be no use except by reducing my headaches,  my blurred vision gets worse on movement.  But I still use them for my headaches.

  • Hi,

    Diagnosed three years ago  CA, though recognised had problems which I ignored as similar to MND and twin sister died from after 2 years GP first shot was Parkinson's,

    I have  nystagmus, diocular and reduced ocular suppression.

    All fairly mild

    Spec savers were very good referring me to GP and consultant bit of a wait 

    Spec savers reference book has about 400 pages and one paragraph on ataxia.

    Not a lot, in my case that can be done as fatigue is a factor no good having prisms as would just shift the problem surgery really last resort.

    I suspect consultant knew before hand but did do all the tests and logs you into system if need advice

    Sounds a bit "negative Norman" but point is we are all different and, I found NHS very good but be nice to get seen quicker, time was precious inmy sister's case.



  • My 6 year old has nystagmus and she is waiting to be seen by the opthamologist at our hopsital, i got the impression its not somthing the optician deals with. Im sure your gp could refer you...

  • Hello,

    PRISMS (a special lens type) have been highly suggested from a handful of our ataxia support group members who have eye problems (double vision, nystagmus, etc.)  My mother didn't want to go that route, and so a neuro-opthalmologist suggested that she simply cover one of her eyeglass lenses with frosted duct tape -- a temporary, quick and cheap fix.

  • Ted Johnson..Hi there..I too have had the same problem.for the last 2 check ups,this time around my optician has put something in one of my lenses (prism)that is what I was trying to think of.....hope this is of help 

  • I have CA and it has affected my eyesight big time. It is now one of my main symptoms.

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