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Painful legs all day

Painful legs all day

Interesting day today. Legs have been painful all day, and I keep leaning more to the left than usual when moving from one room to another using the rollator - left leg drags a bit more than usual. Right eye feels as if it has grit inside it.

Feel like if I`ve just a done a weeks dog-watch onboard ship........

Not to worry though, worse things have happened in a supermarket queue in a rush-hour :-)

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Oh poor you. The gritty eye thing sounds very familiar to me, but I am never sure if it's the Ataxia or because I live across the road from a sandy beach! I suppose also the Sahara sand may not be helping you?

hope your legs stop being so painful and that today is a good day,




I'm not well acquainted with nautical terms John but what you

describe seems to suggest 'leaning to port/starboard', whichever

is left?

You're on your feet that's the main thing :)

Skip the supermarket queue and get Tesco direct :) xB


Hello John, So sorry you're having this pain and eyes are gritty! No fun, that's for sure. You'll get through it though, as you said worse things have happened! In the meantime, thinking of you and hope you feel better really soon! On a lighter note, it's raining here today, although the birds are chirping and singing, always a good sign that Spring has sprung..., ;o)


Right eye has closed completely and still stings - see nurse at new Doctors on Monday for medical so will see what happens then.

Left leg weighs a ton and lost all feeling, makes having a shower interesting even in my wet-room. Getting dressed was like watching a drunken matelot :-)

Ordered a pizza for lunch, dont ttust myself in kitchrn ;-)

And it's raining :-(


It never rains but it pours, isn't that right?:)

I really sympathise with the eye problem John, I've been to you

Know where and back with mine. I bet you're counting the hours

till Monday.

So, you did eventually get a wet room, how do you like it?

I would have preferred pizza myself today:)

I looking after my daughters cat, our cat is deaf and the other cat

likes to stalk him. It's going to be a long day :-) xB


Medical - such as it was - went okay.

Mentioned leg and eye problem, put it down to my SCA6....

Only took 15 minutes.

Leg is now a lot worse so will ring and make an appointment on Monday. The eye is also closed and won't open without it watering and painful.

Don't see Professor Chinnery until September.....long time.

I'm having to write things downs a lot more as the old grey cells are wearing away

:-) :-) :-)


How's your fettle today John? :-)

I hope your eye is more bearable, definitely seek advice ASAP

about that.

Because of past history ( I had Iritis and my GP thought it was

Conjunctivitis) I would always go to Eye Casualty at the RVI.

Unfortunately there's usually a long wait but you can't be too

careful with your eyes.

Why don't you ring Gail, tell her about your leg and ask her


We've had some lovely sunshine the last few days, Brian even

managed to get the grass cut, although the garden is still very

squishy in parts.

We have 2 resident Moorhens, and 5 eggs:) xB


Sun is out. Sitting in wheelchair at front door watching life go by - with one eye - with nice mug of tea.

It's so very quiet here, only the sound of the birds to break the silence :-)

Dr's appointment tomorrow - might find out more about my dodgy eye, it still hurts like heck and is closed tight.

Painkillers help to ease thee pain, but not by muchh.


Birds night-chorus is simply wonderful........... :-)


John, if you end up at the eye dept, at the RVI, you'll be in good

hands :-)

My uncle is longing for the day when like you he can sit outside

his bungalow in the sun :-)

Still waiting for eggs to hatch :- xB


Drops for thr eye sting like heck but must grin and bear it :-)

It's been a nice day sunny white clouds.

Jacket Potato for Lunch with lettuce & tomato :-)

So inbetween dizzyness & this SCA6 ATAXIA, Cluster hradaches,

Life's okay :-)


Glad to hear things are looking up :-) my kind of lunch :-) We have 5/6 moorhen chicks :-) xB


5 or 6 hens for pets or of a deli future :-O

My leg is still useless, feels like a lump of wood the other one is gettong more difficult to use also. Ataxia is cutting in quite quickly now, got told it would but didn't think it woild be this quick.

Speech is slurruing more also...

I need a good MOT :-)


Ooh John, deli future :-( Definitely not.

These symptoms we have, they're a real pain in the neck :-(

If you find out how to pass an MOT, let me know :-) xB


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