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Satisfactory Day

Satisfactory Day

Another day gone, but a satisfactory one - of sorts. I managed to get through most of my exercises without the usual encouragement of the physio`s.

It is unusual doing them without hearing their voice counting out the seconds and saying the odd "well done" etc....

But not to worry, I managed the morning, afternoon and evening exercises okay. The exercise with the zimmer-frame is the one that really tires me out, I alwyas leave that one `till last :-)

The days are passing so quickly now - October already :-O where has this year gone?

Hope you all had a great weekend and for those who had a not so good weekend, there`s always tomorrow :-)

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Good Morning John!

Well done for persevering without supervision. Yesterday, Brian talked me through

exercises I'm supposed to be doing. He was lounging on the sofa at the time, not

really very motivating for me!

It's a pity a DVD couldn't be produced for this sort of thing, when a physio isn't present.

I know what you mean about time passing quickly, blink and another weekend has

arrived! xB


Good morning to ypu too B.

Done my morning exercise, zimmerframe one is hardest and tiring.

Stilll waiting for occupation therapist to assess for Wet Room.

They don't hurry themselveves do they?

Not to worry though, i just hop I qualify :-)


Well done John for completing the exerxcises yourself. I know I find it differcult to find the motivation to do them myself. I wishmy husband would "come on have you done your exercises yet" but he don's'nt so I just haved to get onwith it but if he did I'm sure I would do themmore regularlly


John, we had dinner last night with British friends, who live normally in North London. Anyway, they were telling us that the healthcare system in the UK has become very bad, and that chronic diseases are no longer covered. Is this true? They are very serious people. Is this why you no longer have the PT coming to your house? I am curious. I thinkmy friends are getting or got private insurance in the event either becomes house-bound. (Hopefully they won't).

The UK is beginning to sound like the USA, which is churlish to chronic middle class cases who have no health insurance


I`m not one to wave anyone`s flag, but in this instance I have to say that in my experience the NHS in the U.K. is faultless. In many, many, many, many cases it is the envy of country`s world wide.

It is not a FREE health Service as many people think it is.

You start to pay for it as soon as you start earning a salary (wage-packet).

I`ve worked all my life including time in the Armed Forces - so all that time I`ve been paying into the N.H.S. along with all the other billions of working people of the United Kingdom.

The reason the Physio`s have stopped the treatment at my house is because of my SCA6-Ataxia which is progressively worsening and nothing to do with the your friends saying the British healthcare system is getting bad, they are totally wrong!

Over the years I have had accidents some life threatening and some not. But the N.H.S. have been there every time with professional staff to aid my recovery.

I can not and will not fault them.

If this sounds like I`m having a rant - then yes I am. But it sickens me when people have a go at our excellent N.H.S. but expect them to be there when they have an accident or fall ill.

Okay, rant over.

Enjoy your day :-)


Well put John. Can I stick my head above the parapet and point something out?

The following comment is something I've noticed in my own reactions.

Whenever I'm rattled about something, oddly enough my thinking becomes

clearer as I focus, I can reply with clarity.

Enjoy your day! xB


:-) It was a wee bit strong I suppose. But I have had many an argument - not on here may I add - over the years, in pubs and at work with people who have rubbished the N.H.S. and it really annoys me. And 99.9% of the time they don`t have a clue what they aer saying, but have just jumped on someone else`s bandwgaon.

I can`t praise the N.H.S high enough I really can`t.


Dear John, I look forward to reading your posts, as you have such a positive outlook! Kudos!!! Good for you for doing your own exercises! I live in the States, and have never heard if zimmerframe...,please forgive my ignorance, but what is that? I also wanted to say from what I've heard, healthcare in the UK is superior to healthcare in the States. I have health insurance from my years of working (I'm retired now), but only get so many physical therapy visits per year (even though my ataxia is progressing). Also, I need to go to a facility to receive it. I'm by no means complaining, as I'm EXTREMELY thankful for whatever I can get! Have a wonderful day! ;o)


Hello February, A zimmer-frame in the States I think is called a `Walker Frame`.

Click on the link to see a picture of Zimmerframe -

You can have them with or without the wheels attachment :-)


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