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hot and cold

My condition seems to have deteriorated lately. After my diagnosis 10 years ago, it went downhill very fast and went from walking normally to crutches and a wheelchair in a year. In the last few years mostly my speech became more unclear, I choke more and my sight has deteriorated a lot but that doesn’t seem to have anything to do with ataxia. I had the very occasional dizziness but this year that become a lot more.

In the last few weeks I get all the time too hot or too cold. It is from too cold to heatwaves. The heatwaves cannot be the menopause because I had that almost thirty years ago. Is this temperature thing a symptom of Ataxia or MSA?

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Ataxia. Sometimes I'm exactly the same. I'm also past menopause. I have to wear socks in bed, even during summer😏 Alternatively I often have to rush (as fast as I can) outside just for cool air. Although, I could open the fridge 😉xB


Thank you for your answer. I am afraid that socks in bed will be to hot when the heat comes but I will try it.


I have to say, sometimes my socks, and clothes, are on and off like yoyo's 😏 It is maddening, but there it is. If I find out anything useful, I'll let you know😊 xB


I agree, it's an ataxia thing. I practically freeze my poor husband out of the house by turning down the air conditioning (we have central air) when I'm hot. He has to wear layers of clothing to keep himself warm. Alternately, I turn it up when I'm cold, a vicious cycle! I'm very thankful he's a good sport (so far...,ha!) about it, as he must peal off some layers when I do this. I wear socks to bed, but take them off and put them back on several times each night! So much for a good nights sleep!


Thank you. I am starting with the socks tonight.



It sounds to me like the hot and cold and the swift deterioration are a sign of you being disabled by the prognosis.

It's not too late to fight back. Start with small, easy to do things. For example eye exercises. Hand exercises and neck exercises. All can be done seated.

These are mentioned on ataxiafightback.wordpress.com



Thank you. I have tried everything and am somewhat hyperactive, but am used too my condition now. Just this hot and cold with the bad night sleeps are something I have to get used to now.


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