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Visit from Physiotherapists today

Visit from Physiotherapists today

I had two physio`s at my house today - quite a good visit. Showed me some exercises to do whilst sitting in my wheelchair. To be honest, I enjodye doing them, even though I was tired out afterwwrds :-)

Arranged for some frames to be fitted into my bathroom and kitchen etc......

Quite a good couple of hours, seems it`s going to be a fornighlty evemt.

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I bet they enjoyed chatting with you John! I hope you had some tea and biscuits for them. xB


Hello wobblybee,

I must admit I did not aske if they wanted any tea, a bit rude of me I suppose :-(

But I must admit they did have me busy doing all those exercises, and my memory is a bit fuddy-duddy thse days :-O

My wheelchair exercise bands had arrived today aols so we we tried them out, arms still ache now :-)

They are talking about getting me into the hospital (local) gym for something called hydro-something or whatsit or whatever it it was, I can`t remember. I don`t even know what they said it was for, but I`m willing to try anything neew.

Maybe they`ll give me a cupof a tea :-)

John-H ;-)


Well, is sounds like you're getting your money's worth there John!

If you do get for the hydro thingy, shut your eyes and you can imagine

being back on the high seas again. xBeryl


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