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Sleepless night again

Sleepless night again

Aches and pains in the legs again last night - painkillers did ease it a wee bit. But what did work was dragging out my old VHS player and watching "Sailor" made by the BBC in 1976. I served onboard The Ark at the time.

Watching this took me back in time and helped in taking my mind off my aching legs..........

soo long ago and so many memroys and so many good oppos (mates)

A good time in my life, a special time in my life.

It`s a funny old world :-)

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Happy days John! xB


Aye, they were that.

The Occupationla Therapasit is coming Tuesday with 3 contractprs to give prices & ideas for Wet Room :-)

And on Friday the occupati thingy woman is coming back with more people to see best where to fit lift :-O

All this is down to those nice Physio' Ladies organsing the visits for me - must remembre to send Xmas card :-)


Progress at last, you'll be meeting yourself coming back with all this going on! xB


If I don't bump into myself on my way there to see mysefl comnig back :-O

Tried my hand at home made curry tonihgt utter disassater :-(

Tasted prpper awfuul

Noto worry though.

Cheese on toast and cup of tea wasloverly :-) :-) :-)

Funny old world isn't it


John, my culinary disasters are legendary in this house!

I'm with you there, you can't beat cheese on toast, it hits the spot!

Will all the renovation work be done while you're still living in the house? xB


Yes the work will be carried out whilst I'm at home.

Wet Room has go-ahead.

Waiting for another visit etc re the lift.

Completed all my exercisess this morning and had 3 poached eggs & toast as a rewadr :-) :-)


Well done! Brian loves poached eggs. You wouldn't believe how many different

types of poachers he's tried aiming for perfection. We're both challenged by

the 'drop the egg in boiling water' method. Can't manage that at all! xB


I break the eggshell softly over a bowl and then - if the yolk has not brokne - slowly pour it into pan hot water, watch it until it is ready :-)


Thanks, I'll try to perfect that before he does! xB


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