Board of Trustees and my poor memory

I would just like to congratulate Dr. Harriet Bonney into her new role on the Ataxia UK board of Trustees. I know Harriet quite well and find her a very kind and supporting individual who has given me good professional advice in the past.

I would have made this statement earlier if it were not for my poor memory. I have just read the winter edition of the Ataxian which has been lying in the pocket of my recliner chair for some time! Just by chance I saw the magazine sitting there and just suddenly remembered puting it there!

Good luck in your new post Harriet. Iain

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  • I too would like to congratulate Harriet as I feel I know her mainly through Health Unlocked

    What a wonderful Blog this is and being able to exchange views and ideas makes dealing with Ataxia that much easier

    My Love & best wishes for 2013 to everyone KEEEEEEP SMIIIILING

  • Thank you for your extremely kind words gentlemen. I hope I am able to succeed and serve you well in my new role as Chairman of Ataxia UK.


  • Hi Harriet - I would also like to congratulate you in your new role as Chairperson of Ataxia UK. I wish you all the best for the coming year ahead.



  • Thank you Jennifer.


  • Well done! VERY impressed.

    Good job Iain said, I had no idea (really hopeless with names!).

    All the very best for 2013


  • Thanks Lit. Happy New Year to you too!


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