I am from the US and O have Sensory Ataxia related to chemotherapy induced Peripheral Neuropathy

Have seen quite of few posts about fatigue. The weird thing is I am three-four months out of cancer treatment and I feel worse now than I did being flooded with carboplatin and taxol once every three weeks. I worked full time through the whole thing and only took 5 days off...three were after the total hysterectomy (ovaries, cervix and some lymph nodes). Can anyone explain to my why I am just NOW feeling like I have been running a marathon??

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  • After my cancer (chemo and radiotherapy) it took me two years before I felt back to normal in the fatigue suitation. Bodies take alot of battering in the best of us but having a condition that has a fatigue sindrome takes at least twice the time that others take.

    Unfortunanely patience IT WILL COME.

    Good luck

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