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I am from the US and O have Sensory Ataxia related to chemotherapy induced Peripheral Neuropathy

Have seen quite of few posts about fatigue. The weird thing is I am three-four months out of cancer treatment and I feel worse now than I did being flooded with carboplatin and taxol once every three weeks. I worked full time through the whole thing and only took 5 days off...three were after the total hysterectomy (ovaries, cervix and some lymph nodes). Can anyone explain to my why I am just NOW feeling like I have been running a marathon??

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After my cancer (chemo and radiotherapy) it took me two years before I felt back to normal in the fatigue suitation. Bodies take alot of battering in the best of us but having a condition that has a fatigue sindrome takes at least twice the time that others take.

Unfortunanely patience IT WILL COME.

Good luck


Thank you! The weird thing to me is it all seems worse now than it did right after everything was completed...and my poor brain seems more befuddled than ever...had a CT scan today to check on the results of the chemo and radiation as far as the cancer goes...that stuff they give you to drink has put my digestion into a tizzy!!

I hope you will have a pleasant stress-free weekend!!


I think my brain went a bit fuzzy for a time after i finished my treatment so Stick with it.

I had breast cancer then I tolerated the drugs well. But is a different story as now I have devolped Ulcerated colitus so my digestion is sensitive.

hope all your checkups go well.


I have something called luketoysis ??Dont tell me if it's bad I got rid of google it terrified me but it's better than getting nowhere and being called # COMPLEX I changing my name by depose my anti depressants help so much I am on max dose of setrine??It first time ever they put me on max dose but I cried more than a river more like an ocean it's normal who wouldn't go see only possitive people as in your physio mine learned the hard way telling me I was making mistakes with the memory span of a knat (Me made me cry so much!!)She is ace she tells me how far I've come now I trust her I still wobble all over the place especially if not paying attention or looking down .Take your favourite chocolate and refuse todo anything without sharing at the end sometimes she has no lunch!!I am safer outside now🤞🤞🤞🤞The rest I will work on when I remember where I put her list which I hope is short and simple😊🤞❤️❤️


I have the same no cheamo🤞My brother did have cheamo but an auto imminent cancer that was delayed diagnosis he is up and about with Spats plastic things and now on 1 stick it had caused inflammation of the brain(But was a very rare type in the bone marrow)This is 4 years ago he was told he would never walk again he had the neuropathy far worse than me only one dose of Cheamo but lots of radio therapy and some kind of immune therapy he has regular checks (but before treatment could not even hold a glass of wine..)We had to chop up food.Being told he would never walk was a bad thing for his wife but gave him iron will power with the physiotherapists help he came out in a wheelchair but was back at work within 6 weeks (banked sperm)He wasnt keen but has the most beautiful 5 year old and his eldest has a brother he loves!!They even got married in secret about 2 years ago he works full time on his stick has regular checks and goes all over the world for work (a shortened week for his family)Has the best hollidays ever visits us and has more compassion over any illness than anyone I know other than my child and his two plus his wife she is amazing moved house alone with a 4 year old into a disabled flat rented out there's finally I hope at least some respite for us all!!


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