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Knee Replacement

I have been having problems walking for a while now due to my Ataxia and unsteadiness and poor balance. I have been having a lot of problems with my right knee due mainly to wear and tear Osteoarthritis (i am in my 60s). After tests and an operation which did not cure the problem my Consultant said the knee would only get worse and he has suggested a knee replacement.

I have agreed to this but i am concerned as to what to expect after the operation. Has anybody had a knee replacement and how did they find it.

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My sister-in-law has just been diagnosed with Osteoarthritis and her Dr. has put her on cream and tablets. she is 61 years old.


Hi Albion

I had a knee replacement 13 years ago (before knowing I had Ataxia 4 years ago) and the exercises and physio after knee replacement could possibly be very difficult If your ataxia is in its early stages it may be ok Good luck Ted

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Thanks Tedjohnson hopefully the physio will go ok.

Another question how does the replacement knee compare to the original knee. I am certainly not as active as i used to be. And i will not be running any marathons in the near future. But i would like to be able to do a little gardening or walk to the local shops.

Would the new knee be up to that.


You should be able to walk normallt with a new knee but it will only bend 90 degrees and you should try to avoid kneeling on it but you should be out of pain Good lucvk Ted


yes I was able to walk and do everything else- swimming in the sea , walking up mountains etc I had my new knee in 2003 when I was 64 but the ataxia is now limiting what I can do. it is interesting to read the research on post op physio- in one study it showed that it was important to rest and recover after the op rather than rush about doing lots of exercises. be guided by your physio but it is wonderful to no longer have the awful pain. good luck !! xx


Although I've never personally had a knee replacement, I know many people that have. Most have been very happy with it! I agree that physio may be a bit difficult with ataxia afterwards, but what's the alternative? My best to you..., ;o)


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