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Another Lovely Day

Another Lovely Day

Smashing day again, bit of a haze, but I`m not complaining.

How are the rest of you "unique solders" feeling today? okay I hope.

Hospital visit Monday at the Q.E Hospital `Falls Clinic`. Investigation (again) to find out why I keep getting blackouts - that will make a total of four hospitals. Good thing is, I`m in and out the same day :-)

Not that I don`t like hospitals, but I find that when I`m admitted and put on a ward.........nothing ever seems to be done apart from a nurse constantly taking my Blood Pressure readings. Then after a day or so, a Dr. comes to the bedside and tells me what I already know and says `you can go home tonight` :-(

Anyway, it is a day out tomorrow and any break from my daily routine is welcome. :-)

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Hello JohnH

Ataxia apart I am fine thank you. Yes the weather is lovely. I spent Sunday at the stables, a dressage exhibition then fed the horses, it ended with a cream tea. It was great. Today I am going into the city to shop!!!! Look out!!!

Take care



Hi johnH,

had a great day, too thanks in-fact the whole weekends been good, Saturday visit a centre in(Nottingham) where I helped design a banner for a carnival parade, came home had a rest for about an hour ( re-charge my batteries......the sun takes away my energy!!!!! ), shower, change the it was out to my friends for a drink, couldn't walk very well at this point so slept on the sofa,

Sunday.....didn't get a good sleep - too flaming hot and sticky, made my way back home, had a power nap to re-charge the batteries, then after a good coffee, had yet another shower then went back to my friends again but this time it was a Sunday-lunch-buffet , then back to mine with my friends so we could all listen to some music and have a chat, the evening ended about 8.30pm which gave everyone time to go have a bath/shower and relax in front of the television.........

all in all I had a great weekend, with my little army of friends, one of whom is ill ( long - term ), so understands what it's like to be ill.........

Helen -)


Hi John-H!

The sun has finally come out here, so it must be the same with you, I'd almost

given up on it!

I think your picture is great, if the chair had a shovel attached like a bulldozer,

it would be good for digging on the beach! Keep them coming!

Re the QE, meals made for you, a nice nurse to hold your hand, what's not

to like?

:-) Beryl


Found out a few things today. The blackouts I`m getting are not linked to my dizziness and loss of balance. After numerous tests at the Q.E. today, The Doctor wants me to have some brain scans as I may possibly on the path to suffering from `fits` in the near future - it never rains, but pours.

Blood pressure was higher than normal - but it was really hot inside the clinic, and I mean really hot - even so, the Doc` says the BP was too high.

Then it was more tests and more tests and more tests..........................

But I`m home now - so it obviously did not worry the Doc` that much.

Beryl, the meals are nice, the nurses are, well, `nice`, it`s just the laying there and feeling that nothing is being done that bores me to death when I have to go into hospital (excluding the last visit re the heart worry)

Amazing what home made toast and a nice cup of tea does though, I`m feeling right chirpy now :-)

Looks as if we are in for a nice sunset tonight.


John-h, if there's one thing I cannot stand it's hospital toast!

My daughter was an in patient a while ago, I spent ages to-ing

and fro-ing to M&S for bits and pieces to try and get her to eat

something, she hated the hospital food (not the QE). But now

they've got Costa coffee and all sorts of lovely stuff actually

based in the hospital!

Hasn't it been hot today? I forsee another lovely sunset! :-)


Keep up that positive attitude John-H, as it's so refreshing! ;o)


Hi, glad to see you can keep so positive :). Wow what a chair!!!! I imagine it can go up mountains and everywhere. Where did you get it from??


Ha, Ha, Ha, its not mine :-) just a picture of one I did spy on the internet and thought I`d post here.

Glad you liked it.

:-) :-) :-)


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