MRI and such - long day

First chance I`ve hadd to say what a day it was at hospital for my MRI and othr tests.

I did not do too well on the cognitive test (spelling might be wrong), matter of fact I was prettty lousy to tell the truth - the MRI was 40 minutes of noise, bangs and louds poppoing noises could not hear the music they said they play for me :-(

worse part was the waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting etc, etc, etc, etc, etc..........

I wrote everything down after they had done what they done so I would not forget what they had done - that sounds double dutch, but I think you`ll get my drift....

The nurse even wrote on my pad: "you have already had your MRI John and are awaiting to see the Staff Nurse, you don`t have to keep asking the nurses".


All done, it was a long day, I got home at 7.45pm, really tired. And I`ve got to go back this month (March) to see the Nuerologist.

And I`ve yet to see (whatever the title of the person is) some doctor about my mood swings - all because of the Ataxia SCA6 it seems.

Hospital also says my constant tiredness/weakness is down to Ataxia.........................

They were concerned when they fond out I also suffered from Cluster Headaches.......

Boy oh boy, they sure know how to cheer to a man up when he is down...

Anyway, it`s a funny old world is it not :-)

I was sad to hear of the passing of "Mr Spock" Leonard Nimoy. Good Actor and a nice family man

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  • Hi John, I was just thinking about you earlier :-)

    Hospitals are all hurry up and wait aren't they ? I feel as though I

    should have had a season ticket recently :-)

    On having my last MRI, the pitch of the music clashed violently with

    the screech of the scanner, I almost had to press the buzzer!

    You're not alone with mood swings and memory loss, tiredness and

    fatigue. I also make notes, but then forget to look at them, or forget

    where I put them :-)

    Cluster headaches must be awful, I hope you get some relief soon.

    Yes, sad to hear of the passing of 'Mr Spock'.

    Best wishes :-) xB

  • Thanks for your nice words wobbly :-)

  • Dear John, Been there, done that, so I can relate! Yes, those MRI machines ar SOOOO noisy! Yes, to my memory, as I, like you, write EVERYTHING down! Like Beryl, I have to remember where I put my notes...,ha! And, yes to tiredness/weakness. I just rest in between doing bits and pieces. It is a funny old world for sure...,ha! At least all your testing is finished! Give yourself a pat on the back for making it through! I was sorry to hear about Leonard Nimoy, as he was an original! Hugs, Rose ;o)

  • Hello February, thanks for the nice words and still have a few more tests this year but the MRI is out of the way now :-)

  • Hi!

    I hate MRI's - so noisy and claustrophobic! And I certainly don't miss endless days of tests where you end up feeling like a pin cushion!

    I have a special pen that records whilst writing and links the note to the text - my employer got it for me when my boss realised that asking me to do something was pointless as I had forgotten all about it by the time I got back to my desk! (Just have to remember to take the damn thing with me now!)

    Sad about Leonard Nimoy - he was a fine actor.

  • Hello Jay, yes the memory is a troublesome thing, I lose count of the times I go into the kitchen to make a cup of tea and when I get there I forget why I`m there :-)

    I`ve even washed my clothes more than once in the washing machine as I can just not remember if I have already done them earlier in the day, it is quite maddening......that`s why I just `have` to write `everything` down that I do or am going to do.


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