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what do you do to pass time when your having a bad day


when your having a bad day how do you pass the time I spend a lot of my time on facebook playing games or just catching up with news (anybody want to add me feel free ) I also like reading and doing crosswords anybody got any other suggestions I like baking but it tires me out now so I only do it now and again and not if im having a really wobbly day lol

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for baking I use a purching stool so I am not standing up all the time, otherwise for a bad day the same as you

I spend a lot of time on this site being nosy and adding my 'two-penneth' !

I dream of having reflexology on tap!

I'm not on facebook at the moment. I love reading. I like crosswords. I don't bake

or cook much now, I didn't stick to a recipe at the best of times, so although things were edible, you could never count on them tasting the same! Quite often I wonder where the

day's gone, it's just whizzed by! I've just got back from the Metrocentre, things are

starting to hot up for Christmas, still lots of sales on though. I prefer going there rather

than into Newcastle, because I know it's flat. I notice these days how common it is to

see people using sticks, rollaters and wheelchairs.

I go out on my road scooter if it's not raining too heavily or I can read gardening Magazines.

Unforunately the version of CA I have is still 'Unknown!

I finished work in 2005. I started as a Computer Operator in 1970. In the early 90's I started doing a Diploma course in work and used an old PC to help me. From there I became interested in PC's as a hobby.

When I get up, I use my PC all day and watch TV in the evening with my wife.

My Ataxia means I can no longer walk. I am not trusted with a knife or other sharp objects because of my lack of coordination. My reading is very slow so I listen to Audiobooks and now my speech is going. So the PC is my 'Window on the world'.

I can communicate with people and buy thing and whoever I deal with does not need to know I'm disabled!

My PC has a Big Buttoned Keyboard and it's in white. I have no problem typing what I want to say. I also use a big screen, so I have no problem reading the text.

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Hi Albec01!

I went to the Stansted Conference with my husband (I have CA). There

was an Assistive Technology session, which he went to. He was impressed

with some of the items available but shocked at the prices! It seems that if

you're prepared to shop around significant savings can be had! One of the

items was a 'rollerball' for easy operation of a keyboard, something you

probably know all about. I use a 17" laptop, also nice big screen!

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sorry I dont know how to tag but feel free to tag anything I write

If I'm having a bad day I go to bed!

How can you do anything else if you're having a bad day ?

As a carer I spent many hours whilst my wife was recovering from a seizure, she has Epilepsy, on my computer writing my thoughts down, going to sleep inbetween. But sometimes you just run out of ideas.

Hi Gossy,

If I'm having a bad day I sleep as thats all I can manage, sometimes I make it to the sofa & put TV on, but still sleep just with company LOL....

On good days I do go on facebook and chat to others so feel free to add me,

I am Dawn Wooldridge on facebook and there is a pic of my standing using my sticks.... If anyone else wishes to add me to please feel free to..... It would be good to hear from you.

When I'm having a bad day it feels as though I'm in a time warp. It takes me all day

just to turn around, if you know what I mean. Everything seems to pass me by, I

can't get motivated to have interest in anything. The only good thing is the day seems

to fly by! Sometimes I've felt so lethargic only sleeping will sort it out. At one time I

literally could feel myself nodding off during meals.

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I know what you mean about sleeping some days I spend most of it asleep or catnapping

I go back to bed or lay down on the lounge suite to rest it off or sleep. There is nothing wrong with my mouth, so as least i can chat to family or listen to news and feel like i am still part of the family.I wish I could do more on bad days, but my head simply won't let me.. we all deal with it differently.

What about doing jigsaw puzzles? I always have one on the table ready to work on, 10 minutes here, 10 minutes there. I order from eBay and feel a panic coming on if I don't have a new one waiting in a box.


Listening to music, or watching videos, like the Proms, is entertainment to me. Recently, I watched "Kiss Me Kate", from The Proms, and it was fantastic! The cast was great! So, on a bad day, when I just can't seem to do much, whilst I'm sitting in my power recliner, I'll enjoy escaping my reality of living with Ataxia, and Parkinson's, and enjoy looking at musicals etc. on the tube.

bit late to this, by 7 years... I listen to a fair bit of music and use the PC (50" monitor/TV)

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