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Help re medical retirement

Hi all hope that someone can help,

I was diagnosed with CA in my late teens & now after working for over 30 years during which time I was able to manage the impact of my ataxia on work I have reached the point where

I have to recognise my own limitations & apply for ill health retirement.

I would most grateful if anyone with any experience of ill health retirement can give me any pointers, tips or advice.

Many thanks

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I took early retirement on grounds of ill health last year. I am 53 now and get a small pension every month.Get your Neurologist or GP on side and ask them to sign the forms.


Thanks, Neurologist is on side so hope I will be Ok


took ill health retirement 18montbs ago - really miss it.


Hi. Do you have an occupational pension scheme at your workplace? I retired last December on medical grounds and get an enhanced pension from a scheme called SAUL. The pension is not huge but it is enough to live on together with the DLA. I don't miss working at all I do a bit of voluntary work and attend a couple of evening classes to make sure I still have some contact with people.

Good luck with your retirement!


Hi, I was surgested that I consider stopping in May 2012, but my employer has an insurance policy in place call a GIP, which pays 60% of my salery until 65, so before going off sich I had letters saying should stop from a nurologist. So I would check to see if you employer has such a scheme or as ConantheLibrarian says an pension. If not see what benerfits you my get either by looking at or

Any thing I can help with, just ask



I live in the US, so can't advise you, as things are different here! Just wanted to wish you the best!


Thankyou I really do appreciate your wishes


Here in our Cornwall Ataxia support Group - we have a teacher - Becca - who is having similar problems. I'll try to get you in touch with each other. If you give me your email address - I'll pass on to Becca......


Hi, sorry that haven't replied sooner as have been away. My email address is

Thanks for your help,



I found getting E.S.A new name for sickness benefit and D.L.A. (disability living allowance) a nightmare. I have fibromyalgia as well as ataxia. I found the help from the Citizens advice invaluable. The forms alone are enough to baffle the brain. For the ESA you will very likely have to go for an assesment with someone from the ATOS people. The government are set to change the criteria for people to get benefits. That is getting people off the higher rates and paying them less. If you have a look at the fibromyalgia part of this group you will prob get more info and lots of stories on how people have managed and what probs they have had. Sorry if this sounds a bit jumbled up but not having a good day for thinking. Good luck.


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