Medical Welfare Awards!

Medical Welfare Awards!

Hi everyone,

This is Steph from Ataxia UK. We're thrilled to have been nominated as a finalist in Charity Today's Medical Welfare Awards! Your vote would mean so much to us; if we won, ataxia would gain a great deal of public awareness. If you can, please vote for us on Twitter below!

Thank you.

The Ataxia UK Team

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  • of course

  • Will try and log in (can't remember password : ) ) and vote

  • Done.

  • Sorry, not a twitterer but I would like to support you

  • Yes, I am not a Twitterer either, but have tried to vote for you too to no avail (by Twitter). is there any other way - like on Facebook?

  • No Twitter here either. Is there an alternative?

  • Thanks for your efforts, everyone!

    Composter55, PGee and Willywonka1968, I'm afraid it's only on Twitter you can vote for this competition, which is a bit restrictive, we know.

    However, if you want to create a profile on Twitter, it's quite quick and not too complicated - very similar to Facebook and other social media sites. Once you have signed up, you only need to click on the voting poll to put in your vote. Job done!

    Thank you very much,


  • Hi there,

    Your voting process is quite complex, sorry to say. Cant figure it out. Sorry, would vote 4 u in a heartbeat. Neat

  • I agree - this not a disabled friendly process and I consider myself to be computer literate

  • I don't twit else can I vote

  • I tried to vote using the link you posted on here but it said page does NOT exist, and I'm not on twitter....sorry.

  • Hi Steph..... reading the comments it would seem that twitter is not a good option for voting, I tried and it told me page not available.... others have found voting to complicated and given up. It would appear you may not get the votes you hoped for but good luck anyway.


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