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Advice please re rollator/walkers


My walking & balance using just a stick isn't as good as I would like due to my ataxia getting slowly worse so I have been thinking about getting a walker of some sort. I want a 3 wheeler that is robust enough for long walks on rough terrain (beaches/country tracks etc) rather than one just for use around shops & have come across trionic walkers also called velopeds (

These seem ideal for what I want but are expensive so just wondered if anyone has any experiences of these or can give advice regards possible alternatives.

Many thanks


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Hi Brian 😊

I liked the look of the velopeds too, they look sturdy and dependable but bulky :-)

My needs are different, just light support in an urban environment. So I opted for

'Lets go out' from Trust Care.

I don't imagine this would fit the bill for you but for anyone looking for a lightweight

rollator with a seat, I can recommend it:-) I bought mine from Amazon.



I have had a veloped for almost 3 years now and it changed my life around completly. It is very robust and sturdy and covers rough surfaces and goes up and down kerbs. It does fold up and the wheels come off so it will go in the back of my car but I need my partners help with this. I can also use it in the garden - it can carry all my tools and my kneeler and has a seat so I can rest before I trundle off. It was expensive but has been well worth the money for me.


Crisal, great to hear that you are really pleased with it. Hoe you don't mind me asking how did you decide which model & size to get + where did you get it from as only place I can find is direct from the makers



Hi Brian- hadn't realised you had replied to my post . So sorry for the delay in replying to your post. Igot my veloped from Sweden. Have you sorted one out yet. Iwas able to speak to the manufacturer in Sweden and also to someone here in England I do hope you get sorted out. Mine has made such a difference to me Chris


Hi Chris, thanks for replying & yes I got everything sorted now. I emailed the Veloped people in Sweden & was amazed to get a very quick reply answering all of my questions & more so I decided to just go for it & order one.

Delivery was really quick & I am so pleased with it - it has given me my independence back, I can go for long walks again + I can even walk our 2 dogs by tying them to the front looks a bit odd but its fun!!



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