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Asthma & Chest Infection

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Hi all

Seen a few posts about this cold going around, but I thought I’d see if I could get some forum feedback on a slight problem I have….

My cold started almost 2 weeks ago with just a sore throat, but after around 5 days, it progressed to my lungs & by the Friday/Saturday, I was coughing badly, bringing up a lot of mucus, rattling & generally feeling rough. I started my emergency pack of steroids & antibiotics on the Saturday morning, but as the day went on, I felt like my lungs were struggling. I tried 111, but they didn’t call back (Saturday night), so on the Sunday, I took myself off to A&E. Covid negative (which matched my lateral flows during the week), my PF was a bit lame, bloods came back with just inflammation markers high, X-ray wasn’t perfect but said as I’d started the antibiotics, they were content with my plan. I went on the nebuliser (salbutamol) for a short period of time, which only helped my PF a small amount.

On the Tuesday, 2 days later, I went to my doctors (as requested by A&E). My lungs still sounded terrible, so another 5 days of steroids - which take me to this Monday (18th)

I’ve had a shocking day again, used my ventolin inhaler & spacer loads, I even did the emergency one puff every minute. It’s helped a touch, but I wouldn’t say I sound perfect & my lungs are still rumbling. My heart rate is super high and has been all day, but I’m happy with sats - roughly 94% - 96%. I’m content the actual infection may have vacated as the sputum is now clear (antibiotics finished yesterday- Friday)

I take: Uniphyllin, Montelukast, Carbesteine & Fostair

I have severe asthma & mild bronchiectasis

To make matters a little worse with how I’m generally feeling, my 19 year old cat died only a month ago, so I’m missing her so much & today I’ve found so hard with being ill for so long. Which no doubt hasn’t helped my breathing. As I completely lose my voice when I cry, super rundown at present.

My dilemma - we go away on Monday just for 4 nights to Yorkshire, mainly to try and heal hearts after our little cat passed away. I’m worried that my lungs are just not going to be ready, or worse still, I’ll end up in A&E whilst away. My husband has also caught this cold that I had, so he is desperate at the moment.

I don’t know what to do and any tips or words of wisdom would be great

Thanks for reading :)

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I’ve been the same been trying to manage this exacerbation for about 5 weeks. Doubling Fostair did nothing. Had antibiotics the first week. Now on my second course of oral steroids. Doctor quadrupled my Fostair and things are finally feeling a bit better. Maybe try getting another GP appointment as see whether there’s an another add on treatment they can do. My gp changed me from the standard Fostair and salbutamol to the MART regime which is what I think is finally helping me kick this exacerbation. Although it would be nice to go away - is it possible to cancel/postpone with minimal charges?

Hi Juno51So sorry to hear about your situation. I don't have much more advice other than keep resting, taking medicine and contact gp as often as you need. Maybe the asthma nurses would have some further advice?

I caught Covid early September and just as I thought I was getting better I've also caught the chesty cold that's going round. My kids sound awful and so do I! My chest is back to feeling achy and rattling. It's very frustrating when you are looking forward to trips and our lungs aren't co operating!

I hope you feel better soon!

Hi, I haven’t any advice but thought I’d reply because you sound so low.

I’m sorry to hear about your cat, it’s very upsetting losing a pet and I think being ill as well makes you feel extra emotional. I’m sure you’re doing all you can meds wise and it’s frustrating when you feel rough and want to feel well again especially with a trip coming up. Be kind to yourself and allow yourself time to recover.

Hope you feel better soon x

I’m sorry to hear about your cat and your situation. I feel your pain - I currently feel like I’m stuck in a cycle of adding inhalers, antibiotics and steroids post Covid and not seeming to get any better. I’m supposed to be going to Greece in a week’s time. I’m going to see my go again this week to make a plan for going away, so I’m pre-prepared rather than just worrying about it the whole time (which I know I will). Perhaps you should do something similar, so you can enjoy your holiday but know what to put in place if it doesn’t go as expected? Fingers crossed for you x

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Juno51 in reply to Gymbearo

Thank you for your lovely message and I hope you are able to see your doctor before you head off on your holiday. I feel like the anxiety I’ve had about going away & trying to get better in time was adding to my problems with my lungs…it’s almost a race to get them fit & well. I think I now feel better having spoken to people on here that actually last night and yesterday was a bad day, I dealt with it (thankfully) and with talking today, been calmer. So hopefully if you are able to get a plan in place before you go, you’ll feel slightly better too.

Good luck and will keep my fingers crossed for you x

Thank you everyone for replying to my post, it’s really lovely to be able to hear from like minded people, especially when you feel a tad low/under the weather and although I’ve had asthma for almost 30 years, sometimes it catches us out.

I had a bad start to my sleep last night, with constant coughing. Went to sleep, but then I think I had a nightmare (which I do have when I’m stressed) about being poorly away, which made me sweat so much. I got my breathing under control again with ventolin & finally drifted back to sleep. I would say I’m less wheezy today so far, even my husband has said my lungs are less noisy, however I’ve done absolutely nothing. Taken my steroids this morning, so penultimate day - with final ones tomorrow.

I think with getting upset about my sweet little cat yesterday, probably really irritated my lungs, given how annoyed they already are it was probably an additional hit to them they they didn’t need.

My doctors are only doing e-consult and it takes 24-48hrs from when I log the request, which you can only do when they are open. Which we leave to go to Yorkshire tomorrow probably around 10/11am. I’m new to the area, so I’m still new to how the doctors work here, it’s a small village practice which seems so overwhelmed, so it’s hard to get appointments. So it makes decisions harder!! I’m just hoping that I’ll feel better a bit more within another 24 hours & make a decision tomorrow morning.

I also feel going to this place in Yorkshire will be good for both me and my husband as we’ve felt so sad, so hopefully we can purely to help our hearts heal ❤️‍🩹

Thank you again everyone for your sweet messages and for your help, it’s so appreciated x

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Itswonderful in reply to Juno51

Losing a precious pet family member is so hard on your emotions and breaks your heart. It’s exhausting. I read a post from Paul O’Grady recently that said something like; always remember between the first hello and the last goodbye there were a lot of love and smiles. It takes time but your heart will heal. In the meantime, be gentle on yourselves.

I would imagine that, at best (with finishing steroids), you'll struggle to do much physically but if you can just relax and potter about in different surroundings then mentally that might give you a huge boost - but any exertion (even if it's not normal level exertion) might take its toll after your struggles.

Completely agree with twinkly29 😊 Go, have a lovely time, don't try to do too much, enjoy the different surroundings whilst you continue to rest. There will be help there if you do need it. Sounds like you have done everything right up to now, so have no extra advice. I'm so sorry about your little cat, 19 is an incredible age, and you must have given her such a loving home. Try not to get too upset, and think about the good memories. I know crying/getting worked up makes my breathing 10 times worse, especially just before bed. Take care of yourself

Thank you everyone, your comments and posts, I feel somewhat reassured by all of them and I feel like they have probably helped calm me down too.

I’ve had another sleep this afternoon, which I think has helped me - not only to keep on top of this, but also relax my brain & lungs. The last two weeks, my sleep has been so poor it takes its toll, which no doubt hasn’t helped matters.

Since getting up, my lungs feel like they have had a rest and the wheeze feels like it’s maybe calming too. Like many of you have mentioned, I’ll feel tired and I’ve just done some minimal packing - which was enough. But we’ve packed things like board games, cards, dominoes - so it will very much be a slow paced mooch. I think the new surroundings will take my mind off being poorly slightly too, conscious of looking after my lungs, but being at home & having been stuck inside for 2 weeks with a broken heart has been tough.

Can’t thank you all enough for all your lovely messages, they have made me feel better - more than you can know x

Just because you're covid negative it doesn't mean you didn't have it. Did they say it's influenza? There is a nasty cold that has started up in Los Angeles, CA, USA as well and I have not heard what it is. If you travel, stay close to where doctors, hospitals would be in case you get into trouble. Sending a huge teddy bear hug. I'm so sorry.

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Juno51 in reply to IChoose

Hi IChoose

I’ve been doing lateral flow tests for Covid at home for the past 2 weeks and they’ve been negative & did a PCR Covid test at A&E last week and that was negative. I know we can never been fully sure it’s not Covid, but the symptoms have been more like a cold that then turned in to an infection. We have a nasty cold doing it’s rounds here too, lots of people struggling with it - so much so it’s been named “super cold” by the press!

Our little hotel has put where the local doctors are, so I already have the contact details for them. If I’m struggling too much, I’ll phone 999, especially with being away.

Thank you for the hug!! Much needed at the moment, not just my lungs that hurt…my heart aches 😢 x

Sending you a warm heart. I understand heartache. It can be worse than any physical pain. thank you for the info on super cold. I'm going to start researching here.

WELCOME Juno51 sorry about you loss i was looking after my ex husband not so long ago he had that super cold even the paramedic said they were all the same symptoms of covid each test he and i had was negative so we got the PCR test again negative so i bought some cold and flue tablets with Echinacea in it gave him some muti vitamins and he was much better after a week although he was 2 weeks into this cold before asking for help it really did make him so week please try and relax and enjoy your holiday i know it's easy for us to say that as we don't really know how bad you are struggling .big hugs and take care.xxxx

Covid is (obviously!) a virus so will have many of the same symptoms as other viruses. Coronaviruses have long been a part of our lives too - covid 19 is just one type of coronavirus, hence the symptoms of covid 19 being so similar to the many other viruses affecting people.

Doesn't make it any easier when one is unwell of course! I think a lot of people (not you but generally) are convinced it must be covid because they feel so bad. But other viruses can make people just as unwell as covid can (in most fully vaccinated people).

Hope things are better for you both now - whatever horrible virus you had!

Thanks twinkly29 i am much better and so is my ex husband it's also a good idea to keep hydrated the paramedic said he was to keep taking the medicine he was given even if he felt so week he couldn't get off the sofa hence me going down every day looking after him good thing was i even got a thank you off him which is a first for him .😂 stay safe all and take care. xxx

Thank you everyone, your kindness is overwhelming. We have made it to our little hotel in Yorkshire & I’m so pleased we have made it here - it’s a small place of tranquility that we both need at the moment. We still feel quite rough, but we’re also taking it ultra slow. I’m walking at the pace of a snail, but I’m in no rush! I have even been going down to the restaurant with my slippers on (it’s a pub in the middle of nowhere, so no one really cares!!).

Hopefully we will continue to get better & the break will help us no end.

Take care everyone and look after yourselves x

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