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Steroids, Chest Infection, Exacerbated Asthma

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I hope this message finds everyone well!

Just looking for some advice I’ve had a nasty ‘cold’ for about 10 days that has gone to my chest. I’ve been testing negative the whole time. The doctors checked me out and prescribed steroids for exacerbated asthma and antibiotics for a chest infection. Chest is really sore and tight and I’m unable to get mucus up. I’ve been on the medication for 3 days.

Should I be using my pink inhaler more?

I’m so not sure on how to relieve it?

6 Replies
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My nebuliser helps me very much helping to bring up congestion and helping to breathe better. I do increase my preventive puffer but I did check this with my Specialist first. I think you need to ring your Doctor for advice. Take care and get better soon.

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KPM21 in reply to Meme50

Thank you so much! Another day of rest needed! Hoping the medication will kick in soon!!

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I find that the breathing techniques given to m by the chest physio help hugely. Also sipping water all the time thins it and for me, though not for everyone, a humid atmosphere really helps so for me regular steam inhalation is useful. Get well soon.

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Thank you so much I really appreciate the advice!

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If you can tolerate steaming then that may help with the phlegm if you haven't got access to saline nebuliser. Then the huffing technique should facilitate getting the phlegm up. Huffing is much less demanding than coughing and is easier on the chest/ribs/muscles. This NHS physio video covers huffing and other breathing techniques.

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KPM21 in reply to Poobah

Thank you so much

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