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Asthma Flare Up/ Chest Infection

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Hi everyone. I realised a couple of weeks ago that my asthma was getting worse again (I have severe uncontrolled asthma) and so I spoke to my GP who recommended that I up my Flutiform to 3 or 4 times a day as well as using my consultant approved home nebuliser which seemed to help but then last week it got worse so I went back and got 5 days of Pred which seemed to help but then over the weekend it got worse so Monday I went back and got a further 5 days Pred and antibiotics. I'm also on Montelukast, Spiriva, Carbocisteine and 5ml Nebuliser liquid. I'm fed up of feeling like crap, my chest aches and I'm more breathless than usual, I'm coughing a tonne and I keep getting really tight chested-I'm also an anxiety suffer which probably makes it worse. I've had chest infections before obviously but this is by far the worst I feel, Any advice is much appreciated.

5 Replies
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Sadly I have had chest infections that have lasted a considerable amount of time and it sounds like you are having a prolonged infection. It isn’t uncommon to need several courses of antibiotics and steroids but it’s important you keep gp aware of your situation. If current antibiotics not worked they may need to be changed to a different one or a stronger dose.

In relation to looking after yourself. Try to eat as healthily as possible. When I am very unwell and unable to eat much I make smoothies to ensure I get vitamins inside me. I also eat live yogurt to replace the good bacteria in my body that antibiotics are destroying. It’s important to listen to your body and rest as required. It’s doing enough fighting the infection and doesn’t want to be overloaded with other activities. Keep warm. And finally a small warning. When I have had a severe and protracted chest infection I have continued to feel unwell even after infection has gone. It takes time to recover and it’s important you give yourself that time.

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How are you doing now? I have a bad chest infection from a flu we've been fighting for two weeks. The only thing that has helped me is rest, hot tea, ventolin, paracetemol, and trying to expectorate as much as possible. I'm so sorry, this time of year is rough for us asthmatics with these horrible respiratory viruses and cold air.

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Hi Lilmix,

I’m much the same in asthma type, meds (although I’m on Duoresp)and over the last month have also been suffering from infections that went from sinuses, into upper respiratory and now pneumonia. I’m on my third lot of antibiotics.

Please make sure you see someone if you feel your chest is worse. I went to my asthma nurse thinking it was the asthma and to my surprise (as I’d already had pred., 2 lots of antibiotics and a clear xray) he said it was the infection which had not cleared and had got worse, which I hadn’t realized. Like you I had increased home neb’s and Ventolin as I thought it was the asthma!

I keep thinking I’m getting a bit better and doing a bit of housework then suddenly wham, I’m needing 10 puffs of ventolin in the spacer and saline nebs.

Think Bevvy’s right, lots of rest and giving ourselves time to recover too.

All the best. 🤗

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feel for u…its miserable. Just a thought…..Have u had your sputum tested to see if on right antibiotic?

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I also take montelukast and carbocisteine in addition to the inhalers. However I also have found that taking bee propolis has helped with my phelgm production and my airways feel much clearer. And when I have been congested with chest infections which cause excessive phelgm that clogs up my airways and causes continual coughing using a salt pipe soothes the soreness and makes breathing more comfortable. It also loosens up the phelgm.

Years ago I was told that when ever antibiotics are taken it is very important to take vitamin b complex which puts back the good antioxidants that the antibiotics strip. And also dairy products increase the production of mucus which can then lead to chest infections as when you have asthma it is more difficult to clear mucus.

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