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Asthma difficult to control for about to years



I hope you you are all having a nice summer and your asthma is not behaving too badly.

My asthma has been classed as difficult to control asthma for about two years now so I was referred to the Department of chest medicine (respiratory) at the Princess Royal Hospital in Haywards Heath. I was seen by Dr Jackson who is a consult who specialises in asthma. He asked me all the usual questions to find out my asthma history and the medications that I take to control it. He then listened to my lungs and said he could heard some wheezing. He asked if I had ever tried Symbicot which I said no. He said that was going to prescribe Symbicot 200/6 for mye to try and to come back in a few months time. I tried the symbicot out for a few months but it did not make much change to my asthma symptoms so when I next went back to see doctor Jackson he put me back onto Seretide 250. He asked me if I ever had heartburn after eating to which I said no. He said do you ever wake up at night with an asthma attack I said yes so Dr Jackson thought this could be due to acid reflux so he prescribe me some omeprazole 20mg capsules and some Gaviscon Advanced as he said the acid reflux can trigger of an asthma attack in some people. I tried these medication for a few months but still kept waking up at night with asthma symptoms. On my next visit to doctor Jackson he asked me how I had been getting on with the new medications and if their had been any change, I said their had been a very slight change but it had not made much difference. He then told me that as it has'nt made a big difference that I should stop it.

I have had spirometery test carried out at the Princess Royal Hospital and have also had a full set IGE bloods for allergies testing.

My current asthma and allergies medications are as follows:

Salbutamol Breath- Actuated 100 Micrograms/ dose 2 puffs when required

Seretide 250 Two puffs twice a day

Montelukast Sodium 10mg Tablets

Phyllocontin Continus M/R Tablets 225mg

Prednisolone Tablets 5mg Take in accordance with asthma action plan

Ventolin 5mg Nebules Take when needed

Fexofenadine Hydrochloride Tablets 120mg One to be take in the morning

Momentasone Furoate Nasal Spray 50 Micrograms dose

Azelastine Hydrochloride Eye drops

I have needed one or two courses of Pred for the past to years so now I am needing to take Adcal D3 chewable tablets twice a day.

Dr Jackson then decided to referre me to Prof AJ Frew who is a leading clincin in asthma and allergies in the Royal Sussex County hospital Brighton. I don't know what the difference is between Dr Jackson and a Prof AJ Frew as I thought they both work for the department of chest medicine (respiratory) I have been told that Prof AJ Frew specialises in brittle asthma and allergies.

I am really worried about this appointment with Prof AJ Frew on 7/8/2014 and it is not helping my asthma.

Thank you for reading the message and sorry it is so long but I am not sure with what tests or treatment he will come up with next.

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Good evening everyone,

Tomorrow I have my appointment with Prof A.J Frew the leading asthma consultant in the area. I am looking forward to the appointment and hoping that he managers to come up with some ideas to help me control my asthma better. I am really hoping that he comes up with some different medications to help me reduced the number of short course of prednisolone as I don't really like taking Adcal D3 tablets as they don't taste vey nice and I don't like to think of what they are doing to my bones. I would like to have a winter without so many chest infections needing so many courses of prednisolone and antibiotics.

I spoke to asthma uk nurses today as I am really nervous about tomorrow's appointment but they have reassured me somewhat I am under the best possible care for my asthma and seeing someone who really specialises in asthma will hopefully be able to sort out my medications to give my a better control and a better quality of life.

I am still a bit worried about tomorrow's appointment.

Just read your messages.

Good luck with your appointment today.

I used to take AdCal D3 and like you did not like taking them. My respiratory team put me on Calcichew D3 and I've found them much better.


I have just got back from my appointment with Prof AJ Frew at the Royal Sussex County hospital. He said that my spirometery was normal or above normal for someone of my weight and height, he said this could be due to the time of year the spirometery was or to the medication. I told him the worst time of year was the winter months which seems to be one of my main tiggers for my asthma and chest infections. He said that he will refer me back to doctor Jackson at the Princess Royal Hospital with a few suggestions for treatment. He said that I do have asthma but it is not to bad at the moment and I do not need anyone add on treatment and some of the treatment may be able to be reduce in strength. But he also said that he did not want to change my medications so much it makes my asthma more severe. So I need to wait for Doctor Jackson appointment.


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