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have rescue packs of both steroid and doxy

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do many of you just sometimes take the steroid meds and nit the antibiotics? more wheezy and s.o.breath but dont seem to have an infection. Not quite sure if just steroids would be better for this? any imput welcome. also take daily fostair 200/6 for copd. many thanks

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Hi soppysokes! Is there a reason why you might be more wheezy & sob at the moment? Eg could it be an allergy to something you could avoid, or a reaction to cold weather (do you always wear a buff across your nose & mouth?)

I frequently need steroids because I have severe uncontrolled asthma, but even so I try to only take them when really essential. Apart from the side effects like thin, fragile skin, insomnia etc, they predispose you to other unpleasant conditions eg osteoporosis, diabetes, cataracts, shingles. The occasional short course is fine but I avoid them if I can

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soppysokes in reply to eleanordigby

maybe just the cold wet weather has done it it came on quickly and subsided quick with the steroids so a bit confused. many thanks for your reply.

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I tend to do it the other way around antibiotics but not always the prednisolone depending on what my symptoms are at that time but still put a sample in my gp surgery and inform them of my status

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soppysokes in reply to B0xermad

thanks for your reply. Normally also take just the antibiotics also but this sob appeared to come on quick without any unwell feeling so just wasnt too sure what to be taking this time.

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The steroids are to reduce the inflammation in your lungs but won't get rid of an infection. I am often told to start the steroids first and if there is a change in the colour of my phlegm to then take the antibiotics.

Do you have a written action plan for taking your rescue pack? If not it might be helpful to ask for one. I'm guessing you are linked to a respiratory nurse, but not everyone is. Perhaps ask your GP for a COPD review and get a plan written down when you have that done.

Meanwhile, if there is no sign of infection, I would just do the steroids at the moment. How long a course do you have? I usually have 2 weeks as I have Bronchiectasis. Some people just have 7 days.

xx Moy

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Antibiotics are only any good for a bacterial infection ie your chest infection producing coloured phlegm, sputum should be checked for infection. Steroids just reduce inflammation in your lungs. If in doubt and it doesnt resolve, get checke out. Best wishes

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Hi Soppy,

I take the steroids first, but after a very up and down year (2022), I decided to add in the anti-biotics - although not obvious lung infection - I wish I had done it earlier in the year as I felt a lot better afterwards and wished I had done it sooner.

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soppysokes in reply to anng18

thanks anng18 Will follow that way if steroids not quite enough alone normally do take the anti b’s as well but taking so many for other stuff too so held off for now. many thanks

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I take whatever my GP gives me. Usually Prednisolone with either Amoxicillin, Clarithromycin, Doxicycline or Azithromycin. Every month or so I give the steroids a rest as I've been told it affects my immune system. I also take Ventolin and Trelegy for asthma. Fostair gives me the shakes so I refuse to even touch the stuff. 😬

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The rescue pack is for infection. Perhaps you need to see your GP if SOB is getting worst?

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You should speak to Dr but I have been told just to take the Pred before and if that didn't work then start the ABs. Really best to consult Dr.

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