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rescue pack continued

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I saw my Consultant on Thursday he said that sadly this is now the policy of all surgeries , but it’s not good for anyone with respiratory conditions.

He has given me a new prescription for an antibiotic I’ve never had before:- Levoflixacin 14 days & a back up of Co-amoxiclav 14 days if I can’t tolerate Levoflixacin.

He’s told me to contact his Secretary when I need a new rescue pack bless him.

Wishing everyone & your families a very HAPPY CHRISTMAS & a HAPPY HEALTHY 2023. 🎅🎄🎁🥰 Sue xx

12 Replies
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Thanks for your update, Souielouie.

Gosh, I presume that is an edict from on high in the NHS, one assumes a cost-cutting exercise, perhaps also part of this move against antibiotics being over-prescribed.

Hopefully it will be possible to be able to fast-track a prescription given that the alternative is a real risk of a much more damaging and financially costly infection potentially leading to hospital admission, and a decline in a lung condition. 🙄🤷‍♀️

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Interestingly, this doesn't seem to have reached our surgery yet. They always replace my rescue pack meds - have done so this week.I wonder if they will catch up with it in the new year. I hope not.

Xx Moy

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Souielouie in reply to MoyB

I hope it stays that way for you 🥰 stay well. Wishing you a very happy Christmas & a happy healthy 2023 🎄🎅🥰

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MoyB in reply to Souielouie

Happy Christmas to you too🌲🎄⛄🎅🎁xx Moy

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It’s not happening at in our trust yet as my gp has just renewed it on my repeat prescription form and my oxygen nurse checked I had my rescue pack and it was in date only on Tuesday of this week.

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Souielouie in reply to AngieB72

so happy for you 🥰 stay well, wishing you a very happy Christmas & a happy healthy 2023 🎅🎄🥰

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I've no prob getting mine

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Souielouie in reply to Patk1

so happy for you Patk1 🥰

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My gp stopped this a while ago, at least you can get yours direct from the consultants secretary, my consultant discharged me saying there was nothing more he could do for me so dont have that anymore. I hope this new antibiotic works well for you and you get well quickly. Wishing you and yours a Happy Christmas x

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Souielouie in reply to Izb1

I’m so sorry to hear that Izb1. This is major for those who suffer with all respiratory conditions. Thanku for your reply.

Wishing you & your family a very Happy Christmas & a Happy Healthy 2023. Take care Sue 🎅🎄🥰

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Izb1 in reply to Souielouie

I personally think it just another cost cutting exercise from the government and think this will affect alot of people with lung problems. Thank you for your christmas wishes x

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