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I observe all the 'helps' and guidance from my Lung Specialist for brochiectasis, Lung Fibrosis & Sarcoidosis. He suggested two puffs of my Atrovent inhaler 15 minutes before my two postural lung drainage sessions. I find that the inhaler traps mucus whereas without the inhaler I get a lot out. So I don't use the inhaler for my morning session, but I do for the evening session. I get very little mucus out using the inhaler in the evening, yet despite that I have a good night's sleep. It is a mystery. Comments and reactions please.

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It sounds to me as if you’re doing what suits you best. That’s no bad thing as you know your body best.

Wishing you well. Xxx

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skipwork in reply to sassy59

Many thanks for your reassurance. Yes, what suits us best. We all respond differently to pills, potions and inhalers.

Perhaps u just don't have much mucous in airways by evening

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skipwork in reply to Patk1

You've made a good point which I never thought of, that is, not having as much mucus for my evening session. Many thanks.

Most people with productive lung conditions will be noticeably more productive in the morning when well. Overnight, sputum just collects and sits in your lungs whilst you sleep. Have you ever tried your reliever with the morning session? Unless you’re having paradoxical bronchospasm (meaning your airways are closing when you take it), a reliever inhaler should help clear sputum, not make it more difficult. It should open the smaller airways to help clear what’s lower down, prevent plugging, and reducing the risk of bronchiectasis infections.

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skipwork in reply to Charlie_G

How kind of you. Point taken. Thanks.

How complicated our bodies are. One routine suits one person, but not another. All very confusing and involving a lot of trial and error. It's good that you've got your own routine sorted. Well done.

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skipwork in reply to Alberta56

Thank you.

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