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Changing/alternating antihistamines

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Hi! So I currently take Benadryl acrivastine antihistamines for my hay fever as I suffer really bad from it, as well as Avamys nasal spray and Clenil Modulite inhaler... I suffered horrendously last year and keen to avoid going the same way this year! My hay fever started up a few weeks ago, although quite mild, however the last week with the warmer weather has been awful! I am insanely congested, I’m sneezy (not good with Eustachian tube dysfunction in one of my ears!) my eyes are constantly watering and itching, and I woke up early hours of this morning coughing a little so my asthma is clearly starting to flare (dreading to think how bad I’ll be by the time it really starts!)...... I’ve been on my nasal spray anyway for my ear, and been taking my acrivastine 3x a day, eye drops and rinsing my sinuses... but wondering if it’s time to change or even alternate antihistamines as normally the acrivastine is really good in terms of sneezing and helping with my eyes but seems nowhere near as effective as they usually are (although they are helping as I can tell exactly when I’m due one!)? Just wondered what antihistamines other people use/take, I have an appointment next week anyway with a gp about my ear so will discuss then, but I just wondered what other antihistamines people find helpful? I can’t take piriton except at night as it wipes me out (wondering maybe to even try acrivastine in the day and piriton at night to see if that helps? Or should antihistamines not be mixed together?) Loratadin and certrizine have never helped before so don’t really know what else I can do!! Was also tried on montelukast but I was so sick with it!


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I take a prescribed antihistamines as my hay fever was really bad last. Usually was able to talk an over the counter one usually. I try and find the name of it for you.

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Found it it's fexofenadine 180mg tablets

Thanks! Do you find you have any side effects?

No not that I have noticed

Thank you!

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Have you thought about changing your inhaler to see that helps with your hayfever. I am on fostair the pump and I have not had any problems with my asthma when my hayfever kicks off

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Thank you! I’m wondering that too........ but I’m hoping that if I can get my sinuses under control then my asthma will be too! I’m thinking of trying to get an appointment or even a call back from my asthma nurse anyway to discuss at what point I’d need to increase my Clenil anyway as I’m on 2 puffs 2x a day and I know that there is room to increase or change, all my asthma plan says is to go for a review when I get symptoms! I’ve got a GP appointment anyway next week to discuss my ongoing ear problems, but I think it’s all going to be linked in with my hay fever and sinuses and if we can get that under control then everything well will be too!

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I am sure everything will turn out for the best. I was taking 6 puffs in the morning and night to breath on the clenil. I am struggling with breathing and my doctor's are doing their best to help me. My fostair is working just struggling to keep my asthma stable

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That sounds horrible, glad to hear the doctors are trying to help you, I really hope you find something that helps you! My GPs have been pretty good if you can actually get in to see one! I have an appointment next week that I’ve needed since Christmas and even then it is with a GP I’ve never met at a surgery I’ve never been to! Most of our local surgeries have joined in to one big super surgery last summer, which instead of making appointments easier it’s become impossible! You have to plan to be ill months in advance (not even joking!) in order to see a doctor, let alone one you’ve ever met before... which is fine for acute things but not good for on going things when continuity of care and seeing someone who knows you and your history becomes so important so you don’t end up spending the whole appointment time discussing history and not actually getting time to deal with things and move things on!

That's sad to here about your doctors. Mine merged with two others last year. I able to book online and yes it's hard sometimes to get an appointment. I too have several long term health condition including asthma. I seem to have pick out one doctor for each condition. Helps with keeping me having to explain over and over.

Ah yeah it’s so frustrating when you end up waiting for so long to see a doctor to then be spending the appointment time just going through history! We have online booking too, I do like that as it saves you having to spend ages on the phone trying to get through to someone and you can see exactly which doctors are available when so makes it easier to juggle it with work too!

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I am joined also. I am under Dr Parys Group. Take's the pressure of one doctor's. I have a new nurse who come from hospital and my breathing is hard at times, not sure what has caused my asthma to make it difficult for me to breath but I am trying staying on top of it. Doc's thought it was acid reflux, then my intolerance to pollen but I am taking meds and I am struggling still. Hopefully Monday gives me more answers

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That’s hard when you can’t even pinpoint a trigger either, so you don’t know what to avoid or change that can help you feel better! Really hope they can help you on Monday!

Hi Nicki-Lo have you phoned the asthma u k nurses while you are waiting to see your own .I find them amazing with ideas really listen to you and best of all you can talk to an expert nearly at once it's such a comfort good luck 🤗

On subject of antihistamines, I have the Hayfever, Asthma, Eczema.

My surgery now has a policy that they do not prescribe Hayfever meds on repeat because can buy over the counter.

I asked how can I still get down on repeat then and apparently its prescribed for my asthma!

Anyone else's surgery decided to stop prescribing for Hayfever and only prescribing traditional Hayfever drugs for asthma?

Yes! I had this too, I heard about them stopping antihistamines on prescription but mine never were taken off, I don’t know if that was because I’m asthmatic or whether because the acrivastine is 3x a day it is insanely expensive to buy over the counter! My eye drops used to be prescribed too but they’ve disappeared this year x

Hi, mine didn't get taken off and when I was ordering repeat receptionist said not policy for Hayfever so I asked what's on my records for repeat prescptions that was when found got round it by saying for my asthma!

Ah that’s interesting! I had my antihistamines, nasal spray, clenil and eye drops all on repeat, but I order them online as my surgery uses the patient access system so I can book appointments and order repeat meds online! The only thing that’s changed this year is that it looks like my eye drops have been taken off as they’re not on my list of things I can order... I’ve had no problems getting my antihistamines, I order online, it tells me when the request has been accepted and it automatically goes straight through to my pharmacy for me to pick up! My doctor/pharmacist had never actually told me about them stopping prescriptions though but I heard about it on the news and I know of people who’ve had them stopped! My antihistamines were prescribed a fair few years ago for my hay fever, I went to see my GP as I was suffering badly and they were too expensive for me to keep buying over the counter, and the only ones that helped, I didn’t get diagnosed with asthma and put on inhalers until last summer (although I’ve had symptoms every spring/summer for years!) x

Hi, I too can order online, I sometimes ring if on my mind and think will forget and have to contact surgery for other reasons.

Been on antihistamine tablets, nasal sprays and eye drops since 1982 & inhalers for asthma since 1990.

I have to take antihistamine tablets all year round unfortunately though now. Used to just be from early March to start of November.

It comes to something when have to take meds every day.

I know!! Mine used to be like that too, but starts earlier and earlier every year! I’ve been on my antihistamines for about 5/6 weeks already, and I only came off them last year at the end of October x

Is there mold in your house that could be escalating your symptoms? Zyrtec is good.

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Thank you! I’m not aware of there being any mould in my house, but then again once my allergies start up I react to pretty much anything and everything! Things that I’m perfectly fine with over the winter I can’t tolerate once my hay fever kicks in, very weird! Thank you for the recommendation, definitely one to look in to x

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